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I am a psychic empath and tarot reader with over 20 years of experience. Giving insight and clarity to friends, family and strangers from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds with the help of my spirit guide and empathic nature. Call me for a professional, caring and friendly reading today. PIN: 2255



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

I offer a non judgemental, warm and friendly consultation. My empathic abilities allow me to connect on a very personal and emotional level allowing me to give insights into question yet unasked.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I specialise in the emotional matters of love, relationships and family with the help of my spirit guide and my empathic abilities. I also use the original Rider Waite deck passed from my grandmother to provide a physical and visual connection when giving general readings.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

My maternal grandmother became aware of my abilities at a very young age and nurtured them into adult life. I have since learnt to harness both the spiritual and emotional energies I receive, enabling me to share my gift and assist others.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

As an empath I am able to tune in to your subconscious emotions, we do not always know what path we wish to take. I truly believe that with insight we can create for ourselves a future of clarity and positive vibrations.

Read Our Most Recent Reviews Of Lucinda...

Emotional and Amazing

Never experienced a reading like it, but now fully understand what a empath is, and their work. The reading was from start to finish stunning. What Lucinda knew about me and my Poi. Blew me away, I never gave any information and Lucinda just flowed, the information he knew and had was amazing. And, only things I would know !! Lucinda's tuning in and connections to me and my Poi was wonderful and incredible Left feeling blown away but, also with clarity and peace. Lucinda thank you so much. Will without keep you posted and no question will ring you again. Bless you and Thank you. Tony (Anthony) x

Ant From Sw. England On 01/07/2021

What an amazing lady

Lucinda, I was the lady who discussed the hospital … cardiac arrest guy. You brought so much clarity to the reading. You are by far the best reader I have spoken too. You really have a wonderful gift. Anyone interested in a reading - you must go to Lucinda. She was absolutely fantastic! Xx

Sue From Essex On 23/06/2021

Very nice

Really accurate picked up on alot I didnt even tell. Easy to speak to lots of clarity. Thank you

Aisha From United Kingdom On 19/05/2021

I'm shocked

Best reader so far! She knew everything

Sara From London On 03/04/2021

Good reader but prediction was the opposite

Lucinda gave me many validations and is a true reader, however she advised me that somebody didn’t have an intention to contact me, and he tried within 24 hours of my reading. I must say that Lucinda picked up other things perfectly, I would go back to her again. Thank you

Anon From Uk On 25/03/2021


Spot on straight to the point. Lucinda is an excellent reader who I highly recommend. Will definitely be back for another one. Thank you

Anne-Marie From Wales On 04/02/2021

Very accurate

Thank you for the reading, it was very helpful & you picked up on accurately what I need guidance with without much information. I would like a reading again in the future.

Sarah From Wales On 14/10/2020


Spot on hard day at work Amazing reading ❤️❤️ God bless ya xx

Michelle From Norwich On 07/10/2020

Beautiful Soul

I’ve had several readings with Lucinda. She is excellent at picking up the flow of energy between people, the emotions. Her abilities are wonderful for gaining clarity and insight about the intricacies in a connection. She is empathetic and beneath that is a beautiful warmth and compassion. Thank you Lucinda. Blessings

From On 17/09/2020

She is good

Thank you for a reading tonight. Really good.

From On 26/08/2020


Yes she's accurate. But I couldn't really see the point as she was telling me what I already knew...

From Chris On 28/07/2020

Very good

This lady told me things that I already knew, so I can verify that Lucinda is psychic and a real reader. She tells you not to tell her anything and starts telling you what she sees. I like her professionalism and the fact that she tells you the truth. It cut off as Lucinda said she could see a puppy around a man’s feet - absolutely right, he bought his puppy 2 months ago. Lol thanks Lucinda!

Simone From Uk On 26/07/2020

Very Good

Perfect, no questions asked other than name and Lucinda dives straight into the reading. She receives information and articulates this very well, amazing connection and lovely to talk to I thoroughly recommend, Thank you x

From On 02/07/2020

Blown away!!

I had an amazing relationship reading with Lucinda and I was blown away at the amount of information I got from my reading. I've had many readers tell me that my ex and I are twin flames. Lucinda was able to explain the pull we have towards each other. I knew it was there but didn't understand why I had that kind of connection or pull towards him and why my emotions would sudden change out of the blue for no reason. Lucinda thank you so much for the valuable information you gave me today. It all now makes sense. I'll be back with a review on how things unfold over time. And many thanks for tips on how to deal with my sudden emotional changes x

Chanda From UK On 09/05/2020


Lucinda is such a beautiful soul. I really like that she asks to not say anything and she just tunes I to your voice and energy. She was 100% spot on with my POI and it was like she knew him personally. Thank you so much for your insight and words. Really lovely to speak with you and will call again.

Kelly From Scotland On 09/01/2020

Real empath

Lucinda amazed me with her insight— just from sensing your energy. She will not foretell the future (as everyone has free will), but can help to clarify, and can tell you how the other person is feeling. Extremely accurate, warm and articulate.

From On 04/12/2019


From On 03/12/2019

Genuine Empath and Energy Reader

I have just the most beautiful and insightful reading with Lucinda. She is honest and doesn’t give false hope and I really liked that she does not want any information about your situation, which to me shows she is genuine. She was able to pick up what was going on in my life perfectly and has given me food for thought. It was a pleasure to have a reading from such an intelligent and articulate reader. 24/10/2019

M From London On 24/10/2019


Never had a reading like the one I just received from Lucinda! So unique and brilliant amazing connection with absolutely nothing given away just picked up on energy from my voice. Would highly recommend give her a try. Thank you L.

S From Uk On 11/09/2019


I was so impressed by this articulate, mind blowingly accurate reading. Described the person I asked about to a T. I would definitely recommend you! Thank you. I will update you on his return x

Lora From Uk On 01/08/2019


Lucinda is great.... quick, accurate, the real deal! She is brilliant. Thank you xx

eve From northants On 01/08/2019

Thank you

I am so glad I came through to Lucinda. She was truly a gift to speak to tonight. I can now sleep feeling peaceful and positive and I will apply the guidance she gave.

Andrea From Yorkshire On 16/05/2019

what a very honest lady

lovely warm voice and manner and direct

From On 21/03/2019


I have had hundreds of readings but this lady is a one off. She is so clear and I resonated with every details of every sentence she relayed to me about my situation, she knew everything as though she had walked alongside me - she is a true gifted genuine psychic. I extended my reading twice. I will update with predictions - absolutely amazing, thank you.

na From north west UK On 02/01/2019


A truly wonderful, accurate reader. Lucinda absolutely hit the nail right on the head. One of the best I have experienced.

From On 06/12/2018


Thanks Lucinda your a wonderful reader

From On 21/11/2018

Lovely reader

Lucinda, wish I had a reading from you months ago, felt like we were on same wavelength, you saw right through me !! Can not thank you enough for your honest reading, wish there were more out there like you thank you so so much You don't know how much it means to me to have an honest reader confirm to me what is going on with my ex, you are truly amazing, thank you Jackie

Jackie From On 25/10/2018


Love this lady had a reading some time ago and everything she says is like she’s inside my mind. Thank you Lucinda I will sleep well tonight after your kind words and helpful guidance. Ps those notes are on my fridge lol xx

Kerri From Uk On 18/10/2018


Lucinda I did not have the chance to say thank you, you’re amazing at what you do! Your calm and reassuring personality is quite heartwarming and your information beyond accurate. Thank you x

Baha From Uk On 16/08/2018


True pyschic Amazing at her job

From On 12/07/2018

True Psychic

This is what I call a true genuine psychic. She is amazing, gifted and accurate. I have had 10000 readings and really would like to mention how many are scum artist out there but Lucinda is one of a kind and genuine. God bless

Far From Australia On 05/05/2018


Had a reading a few week ago with Lucinda and now I’m going to update on my reading my daughter as court on 9th of may been told should be in Spain by July so thank you love and light

Carol From Barnsley On 17/04/2018

Nice reader

Nice reader let’s hope she’s accurate

From On 09/03/2018

Very good

Gifted lady. I now understand how the other person feels. My mind is at ease now.

L From Australia On 28/02/2018


Lucinda is very talented, I like the fact that she was very honest before starting my reading, she explained her expertise, in case I was looking for a specific type of reading. She was able to pick up on a lot of things that were accurate, however, she will need to somewhat speed up the process or you will run out of minutes. She is very talented though, would call her again.

T. From On 08/02/2018


Lucinda was amazing, she described feelings and situations perfectly and helped me put things into prospective finally. Thank you Lucinda I will definitely be calling back again x

Kerry From Uk On 01/02/2018


Had a reading with this amazing lady blown away as the guy I asked about texted while having a reading and she also gave his name just with asking for first letter of his name no other things did I need to say really picked up other areas which was concerning me and all positive will let you know Lucinda if my daughter makes that move thank you so so much love and light xx

Carol From Barnsley On 01/02/2018


You picked up on everything! I'm amazed and so happy with my reading made me smile again

B From We. Yorks On 29/01/2018

wow spot on

Wasnt sure of what to expect but have to say what an excellent reading. Lucinda picked up everything correctly and gave me peace of mind. Thank you will be back.

fran From somerset On 25/01/2018


Thankyou so much for providing such clarity on my situation not just for my feelings but for my significant other. You picked everything up straight away and we’re able to elaborate on it without me telling you too much and it was extremely accurate. I can’t thankyou enough and it has given me so much hope for the near future ❤️ A truly wonderful reader!

Jacinta From Australia On 11/01/2018

Very accurate

Thanks Lucinda. We had a long chat. You got the people, vibes and situation very accurately. Your insight on the situation was very clear. Everything you said makes sense. You have unravelled what I knew myself. I will update you on how my situation pans out. I am hoping from the darkest days I will eventually find some happiness.

Anon From On 07/11/2017

Thank you so much

Talking to Lucinda gave me hope and clarity. Truly amazed by her insight! As well as giving my extremely accurate information about my life she gave me hope for the future. A very warm, kind and honest connection. Many thanks and will speak to you soon.

Kathy From Liverpool On 15/10/2017

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