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I read tarot and angels cards and have just over ten years worth of experience. My strong intuition and natural empathy, along with life experience, aid me to really be able to connect with you and feel what you are going through.Let me read for you today and lets unearth what may be happening around you. Lets see into the future or look at an issue with a love interest. Let the universe speak to us as we are conducting our reading together. PIN: 2100



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

When you call through to me I will always be non judgmental and show understanding. Nothing you are going through, should ever be thought of as too big or too small to get a reading for, because we all find different things difficult and deal with situations differently.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I specialise in using my cards to relay messages from the universe to those who need to have some advice. Messages sometimes are relayed just through the cards, but at times I may get reoccurring words coming through for someone or see short visions in my mind.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I had been interested in angel cards about 13 years ago when I caught my mother using some. I then realised there are many cards and I wanted to try reading them. Everyone I spoke to about them, who had experience, told me different ways of reading, but I soon realised that it all came down to trusting my own intuition and finding ways of my own that I could connect with. I then read for family, friends and colleagues.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I don't look at my ability as a skill, I look at it as a natural gift. I grow with it, every time I do a reading. Every time someone asks for advice, I am helping my instincts and abilities to blossom.

Read Our Most Recent Reviews Of Amelia...

Almost perfect

The dog barking was a slight annoyance (which is why I have given her 4 stars instead of five). However - other than that - the perfect reading. Tuned into the heart of the matter pretty much instantly with a hundred percent clarity and very specific - customised details, without asking one single question nor me giving her a reading topic (I just asked for a general reading). Clear -direct and to the point psychic ness and psychic reading.

Mr cool From Iceland On 05/07/2021


Just bland and general.

Chris From London On 05/07/2021

Very long pause

She might be good but there's way too many long pause

Jas From Uk On 28/06/2021

Not good

Her reading felt negative and cold. Not a good experience for me

From On 22/06/2021

Very good

Keep trying to get review published but to no avail, so will try again. Very good reading. Asked for general and knew literally within seconds who and what she was referring to - that she was most clearly psychic and that she had a psychic link. A very clear - concise - to the point and exacting reading, that I value very much because you know exactly what your being told and can then make an informed psychically guidance based decision on your course of action. I wasted a whole twenty minutes on other readers (tried 3 or 4) who were far too vague and of no help what so ever. So Amilla was a most welcomed breath of fresh air. Please publish this one!!!

Mr consistent From Same place as before On 07/04/2021


She’s ok but disappointing. Doesn’t say much, long pauses it was as though she couldn’t be bothered. Such a shame

Sue From London On 05/04/2021


It’s a shame Bob left but - in his absence - Amillia is very clearly the next best. Her blurb doesn’t do her justice as it says she uses the cards. However she didn’t use them in my reading which - in my opinion - enabled her to give a far more accurate and Clearer reading and guidance, that wasn’t limited by the potential perimeters - qualitative-ness and vagueness of the cards. I really appreciate the clarity and obvious accuracy of the information and guidance she gave.

Hugh Jarse From Cockingmouth On 27/02/2021


Last review wasn’t saved so I’ll try again. I have been to psychic development circles and classes and done mediumship snd psychic readings myself, so hopefully I’m qualified enough to give an informed opinion and review of a psychic reading. And I think Amelia is very good. I don’t contact psychics just for entertainment nor for cryptic and vague predictions and comments, I contact them for practical and very clear and direct psychic info and guidance and Amelia very much provided me with this guidance. Could u please make sure you publish this one.

From On 25/01/2021

Very good

I have been to psychic development classes - can read the tarot and have given psychic and mediumistic readings, so I know how these things work and what I’m commenting on. And Amelia is very psychic and her readings offer good psychic info and guidance.

From On 24/01/2021

Top notch non card reading

Consistent - useful - direct and clear. Picked up on two third parties with astonishing accuracy, when all I asked for is a general and told her nothing. This confirmed she was clearly psychic so I could trust her info and guidance when asking a direct question. Phoned twice and she didn’t seem to remember me and obtained the same info as I did on first call. Thus confirming her psychic- ness - accuracy and genuineness

From On 18/01/2021

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