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I read tarot and angels cards and have just over ten years worth of experience. My strong intuition and natural empathy, along with life experience, aid me to really be able to connect with you and feel what you are going through.Let me read for you today and lets unearth what may be happening around you. Lets see into the future or look at an issue with a love interest. Let the universe speak to us as we are conducting our reading together. PIN: 2100



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

When you call through to me I will always be non judgmental and show understanding. Nothing you are going through, should ever be thought of as too big or too small to get a reading for, because we all find different things difficult and deal with situations differently.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I specialise in using my cards to relay messages from the universe to those who need to have some advice. Messages sometimes are relayed just through the cards, but at times I may get reoccurring words coming through for someone or see short visions in my mind.


CALL 0904 007 0663

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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I had been interested in angel cards about 13 years ago when I caught my mother using some. I then realised there are many cards and I wanted to try reading them. Everyone I spoke to about them, who had experience, told me different ways of reading, but I soon realised that it all came down to trusting my own intuition and finding ways of my own that I could connect with. I then read for family, friends and colleagues.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I don't look at my ability as a skill, I look at it as a natural gift. I grow with it, every time I do a reading. Every time someone asks for advice, I am helping my instincts and abilities to blossom.

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Almost perfect

The dog barking was a slight annoyance (which is why I have given her 4 stars instead of five). However - other than that - the perfect reading. Tuned into the heart of the matter pretty much instantly with a hundred percent clarity and very specific - customised details, without asking one single question nor me giving her a reading topic (I just asked for a general reading). Clear -direct and to the point psychic ness and psychic reading.

Mr cool From Iceland On 05/07/2021


Just bland and general.

Chris From London On 05/07/2021

Very long pause

She might be good but there's way too many long pause

Jas From Uk On 28/06/2021

Not good

Her reading felt negative and cold. Not a good experience for me

From On 22/06/2021

Very good

Keep trying to get review published but to no avail, so will try again. Very good reading. Asked for general and knew literally within seconds who and what she was referring to - that she was most clearly psychic and that she had a psychic link. A very clear - concise - to the point and exacting reading, that I value very much because you know exactly what your being told and can then make an informed psychically guidance based decision on your course of action. I wasted a whole twenty minutes on other readers (tried 3 or 4) who were far too vague and of no help what so ever. So Amilla was a most welcomed breath of fresh air. Please publish this one!!!

Mr consistent From Same place as before On 07/04/2021


She’s ok but disappointing. Doesn’t say much, long pauses it was as though she couldn’t be bothered. Such a shame

Sue From London On 05/04/2021


It’s a shame Bob left but - in his absence - Amillia is very clearly the next best. Her blurb doesn’t do her justice as it says she uses the cards. However she didn’t use them in my reading which - in my opinion - enabled her to give a far more accurate and Clearer reading and guidance, that wasn’t limited by the potential perimeters - qualitative-ness and vagueness of the cards. I really appreciate the clarity and obvious accuracy of the information and guidance she gave.

Hugh Jarse From Cockingmouth On 27/02/2021


Last review wasn’t saved so I’ll try again. I have been to psychic development circles and classes and done mediumship snd psychic readings myself, so hopefully I’m qualified enough to give an informed opinion and review of a psychic reading. And I think Amelia is very good. I don’t contact psychics just for entertainment nor for cryptic and vague predictions and comments, I contact them for practical and very clear and direct psychic info and guidance and Amelia very much provided me with this guidance. Could u please make sure you publish this one.

From On 25/01/2021

Very good

I have been to psychic development classes - can read the tarot and have given psychic and mediumistic readings, so I know how these things work and what I’m commenting on. And Amelia is very psychic and her readings offer good psychic info and guidance.

From On 24/01/2021

Top notch non card reading

Consistent - useful - direct and clear. Picked up on two third parties with astonishing accuracy, when all I asked for is a general and told her nothing. This confirmed she was clearly psychic so I could trust her info and guidance when asking a direct question. Phoned twice and she didn’t seem to remember me and obtained the same info as I did on first call. Thus confirming her psychic- ness - accuracy and genuineness

From On 18/01/2021

Enlightening and useful and reassuring

The title kind of explains everything. She links in psychically in a way that gives very clear and direct explain actions to the caller, which is the kind of reading I want. Not interested in vague statements like “you have a lot of good luck coming soon” - “there’s gonna be success in a project or idea you have and are working on” , things that a lot of other readers will say, that aren’t really that practically useful nor clear. Amelia doesn’t do that. She picks up very specifically on the reason for your call without u saying anything and - if u chose to do so- is also able to answer questions in a very clear and direct way.

Mr x From Does not matter On 17/01/2021

Good and honest

Very good psychic ness and honesty. Not everything that I wanted to hear but clearly psychic and helped make sense of things.

From On 03/01/2021

Good stuff. She’s able to work tools free if you ask her to. Which I think helped with this situation. Able to answer specific questions and focus on specific third parties in a very focused - detailed and clear and direct way. I like this kind of reading, because you know exactly what’s being referred to - what your being told and the guidance you have been given (there’s no having to think about what she might have meant or be picking up on).

From On 23/12/2020

On the whole everything was very clear and direct and obvious regarding what she was referring to. No uncertainty from my part - no having to think about what something may have meant nor potentially making something fit. I really like the clarity and direct - ness with this kind of reading, which is usually lacking with most ‘psychics.’

From On 22/12/2020

There’s only amilla and one other reader that I’d go to on this sight. She offers very clear psychic info and guidance.

From On 21/12/2020


Found her reading very useful and accurate and specific in detail, without me telling her anything and just asking for a general reading. For me this Clearly showed she had a psychic link and she obtained more then enough info without me saying anything, for me to then feel comfortable and trusting with her answers when I asked her specific questions. There were pauses (as the last review said) but - from my interpretation and perspective - this was just because she was taking a moment to tune in psychically to find out what was being asked. And I liked how she can and did work hands free when asked. (Just my opinion but I think that - generally speaking- non card based readings are more specific - detailed and clearer with their detail and guidance). The one thing that was a slight problem / could be interpreted as unprofessional was her dog sometimes barking. If I was her I would make plans to rectify that. I personally wouldn’t let it stop me from calling again but - as I said- it could be perceived by some callers as being unprofessional and make them feel uneasy or annoyed or less inclined to act on or believe the info and guidance from her reading.

From On 02/12/2020


Like a banging your head against a brick wall. Lots of silences and very minimal insight or information.

Nikki From London On 20/11/2020

She should have more reviews

Surprised Amelia doesn’t have many reviews. Her reading is articulate and straight to the point, no sugar coating and they all resonate with me. Also she doesn’t waste your time on the phone, if she can’t get any other message she will let you know so that you don’t hang around wasting credit. Appreciate her for that.

From On 20/11/2020

Not going to mention names but the difference between Amelia and the other ‘psychics’ I tried is like chalk and cheese. Asked for a general reading and what she picked up on was so very clear, didn’t have to think about what it meant or make it fit it was so personal to me and finite and precise in detail. Clearly confirmed she had a link, which meant I then felt comfortable asking her specific questions and trusted the guidance her answers provided. Compare that to a different reader who said “you have money coming in” but couldn’t say how or in what way. And then said “you have more love coming in” , either with my current partner if I was with someone, or with a new relationship that was about to start. And that I’d know who this person is if I’d already met them and could identify them, but would be with someone new if I couldn’t identify them. Like I said..., the difference between her and many of the other readers is like chalk and cheese.

From On 10/11/2020

Very direct - clear and specific. Didn’t use the tarot cards (she can work hands free if asked) which I think helped in this instance. I really like this type of reading. Direct and clear answers / guidance so u leave knowing exactly what was picked up and what was meant.

From On 16/10/2020


I have had other readings with Amelia when she picked up with amazing accuracy what I was calling about without me telling her anything, so I know she’s very psychic (and I like the fact that she can work hands free as well). Everyone has some psychic ability and the problem I have sonetimes is that ‘random’ comments and thoughts suddenly appear from ‘nowhere’ but I’m not psychically gifted enough to know exactly what it is I’m picking up on. And With this reading she used her own psychic skills to clarify exactly what I was intuitively picking up, in a way that educated guess work - common sense or logic just couldn’t have. So I left the resding much better of than when I started. FYI what she told me wasn’t everything I wanted to hear, so please don’t think my review is influenced by her just telling me things to make me feel good, because it isn’t and she didn’t do that.

C From Dorset On 04/10/2020

Very good

Very good. Made sense of things in a way common sense and educated guess work just would not have done and was clearly psychic based. Not all good news, so clearly not just telling me what I wanted to hear, but clearly psychic and also useful and enlightening. Her and Nanthrall more or less said the same thing. Which - in this case - was helpful because the odds on two very good psychics being wrong in exactly the same way seems unlikely. Being able to work hands free , without being constrained by the cryptic ness - potential vagueness and qualitative- ness of the tarot cards enabled her to give very direct - clear and specific information about the situation.

Timothy From Dorset On 23/08/2020


Had a reading previously which I thought was good. Tried again today and omg what a difference. This time is was nothing but rubbish, received no information whatsoever only general stuff that could apply to the man on the moon, made no sense whatever. But what's the bet that TP won't print this, I've tried before and they only print positive reviews which is false and misleading for other viewers.

S From Australia On 13/08/2020

useful and very clearly genuine and no guess work

From On 27/07/2020


Far from just a common sense - guess work reading. Clearly very very psychic and enlightening/ helped me make sense of a situation, providing insight that I never would have gotten nor come to understand without psychic input. Unfortunately it wasn’t all good news, but what that does confirm is that she isn’t just gonna tell the caller what they would like to hear. Can work with or without cards and - in this instance-being able to work hands free very much helped with my reading.

From Southbourne On 26/07/2020

Good - accurate helpful and no guesswork nor fishing for clues

Title says it all

From On 30/06/2020


What she says is in line with nandathrall psychic (my other top go to psychic on this line). Able to read without the cards and tune into a third parties energy without me telling her a single thing, which helped with clarity - let me know she’s accurate and genuine and meant I got a customised and specific and helpful reading, with no vagueness - cryptic ness nor having to make ends meet. Didn’t tell me everything I wanted to hear but reading was accurate and helpful.

C m From Boscombe On 23/06/2020


Picked up on my situation very quickly and she did not fish for information as some others here tend to do. A great read and I’m so pleased I took a chance with Amelia as I was actually aiming for another reader who was constantly busy! Spot on Amelia & Thank you x

M From London On 16/04/2020

Four and a half star

Tuned into to someone / a specific situation without being given a topic for the reading noR being asked any questions and whilst being asked not to use the tarot cards. Came up with constant hits and no misses and asked no questions and was given no info. So she helped an awful lot to clarify where someone was coming from. By approx five mins into reading confirmed / had provided more than enough info to confirm she had a link, thus one felt trusted enough in her psychic- ness to ask specific questions.

C From Bournemouth On 15/04/2020

A good four and a half

I told her absolutely nothing. Just asked her to tune into a particular person (without using the tarot cards) and she gave a lot of clarity about a very difficult and complex situation. Not total clarity but more clarity than any other reader on this line that I know of would have and I like how she did so without asking any questions at all (and I mean none, didn’t even ask for a topic to focus on). And we are not talking a lot of misses and then (law of averages) there were one or two hits. We r talking all hits with out being given any info, just being asked to tune into someone and try and make sense of a situation. By approx 6 mins into the call she had given more than enough info for one to be certain she had a psychic link . Thus one then felt comfortable enough asking her specific questions and being certain her replies would be honest and psychic based. Also I like how she didn’t tell me everything I wanted to know. She was very very honest but also made me leave the call feeling as positive as I could be. And I never felt any need to ring an additional reader to confirm nor clarify what she said. In my opinion she is the best reader on here since psychic Bob left. I particularly like how - although she uses the cards- she can work hands free if u ask her to. Yes I know there r a few other hands free psychics on this line. But - the ones I tried for this reading- had to ask questions and my instinct was they didn’t tune in as well and they didn’t provide anywhere near sufficient clarity.

C m From Biurnemouth On 13/04/2020

Kind and Accurate

Amelia is very psychic. Her predictions come true and she is a very sweet caring person as well

Kay From Aus On 03/04/2020


Sorry cant extend. I spoke to u after i had a very bad tarot reading where the reader was totally off on the situation. Told me there was 3rd party when there was none. And made it sound so bad. Im not sure i trust her reading skills at all... But thanks

From On 12/03/2020

Too brilliant

From On 09/03/2020

One amazing reader!

5 stars is not enough!

Lauren From Leicester On 12/02/2020


Reviews same as one before you seemed to have trouble saving. Very useful - very finite - specific and accurate info and very helpful. No asking questions - no vagueness and no qualitative info that had to be thought about to make sense of what it meant. I spent a whole 20 mins on other readers (because neither sasha - Isla nor Amelia were available) and none of them helpful/ were far too vague and asked questions. Amelia is one of my three go to psychics who doesn't ask questions - make vague statements and obtains very clear information that relates specifically to ones personal circumstances and makes it a hundred percent clear that she has a psychic link.

Mr try again From Trysvilla On 09/02/2020


You seem to have a problem publishing my reviews of Amelia. So I will try again. Very good. No having to guess what something might mean, very precise and exact with what she says that u know exactly what she’s referring to. No asking questions - no fishing for info - no guesswork - no telling u what u want to know. In brief a genuine - very specific and accurate and useful reading. I wasted 20 mins on other ‘psychics ‘ on this line who weren’t any help because Isla - Sasha abd Amelia weren’t available. As soon as I got through to Amelia the difference between her and the other readers I tried in their absence was so very clear.

From On 07/02/2020

Best on here

I've had two readings with Amelia. She is intelligent & empathetic. I don't know where she gets it from... but she's very gifted. What she tells you, will come true. She's wise, a sage. One of my favourite people, in the world. <3

AJ From Manchester On 29/01/2020

Accurate, empathic and empowering reader

Amelia really tuned in to me, and gave me a very pragmatic and realistic perspective on a situation that she could have easily have romanticized. I really, really enjoyed taking to felt like to a friend, who genuinely understood and wanted an outcome that would support me. I have been more impressed by Amelia's reading today, than ANY other readers here...many of whom have been good. By the end I felt she had a truly accurate 360 degree view of the situation and I intuitively trusted what she told me. I'll be calling her again as soon as I can. Amazing. Xxx

Liz From Cheshire On 19/01/2020

Accurate, empathic and empowering reader

Amelia really tuned in to me, and gave me a very pragmatic and realistic perspective on a situation that she could have easily have romanticized. I really, really enjoyed taking to felt like to a friend, who genuinely understood and wanted an outcome that would support me. I have been more impressed by Amelia's reading today, than ANY other readers her

Liz From Cheshire On 19/01/2020


Thank u for the reading. Whatever it is u have calmed me. Im more negative about the situation but i will give this at least a 3 month time frame to update. This can potentially develop into a relationship. He's not focused on me right now and i will find there will be challenging moments. K

From On 15/12/2019

Such a lovely lady. Spot on with the reading. Really happy.

Debra From London On 22/11/2019

Lovely Reader!

I have been trying to get a reading with Amelia all week and was successful this afternoon. Lovely reader and straight to the point. She picked up on a situation that I had been having problems with and another situation that I was hoping would come about sooner rather than later. Amelia has put my mind at rest and fingers crossed what she told me will come about.

Lynne From Medway On 25/10/2019

Wonderful Reading!!

Amelia is such a lovely and kind person. She was able to tune in to my previous relationship and describe how the dynamic was between me and my ex. She provided me with information on my future love and gave me good advice. Thanks Amelia

Emmanuella From UK On 30/08/2019

very good

precise and to the point nice chatting with you lets hope it sorts itself out i will let you know xx

janice From west mids On 18/07/2019

Amelia needs more reviews..

I've had a few readings over the years with Amelia. Although may come across slow her attention to detail is spot on. I've doubted her predictions many times and have been faced with them coming to fruition. More stars and reviews for Amelia. SJ Essex

From On 19/05/2019

One of the best!

Why do you not have more reviews? You are so on point, incisive and intuitive! Thank you Amelia for another helpful reading. x

Ronnie From Berkshire On 04/02/2019


She definitely connected to my situation. will update on outcome

B From Australia On 22/09/2018

Accurate !

Very surprised this lady doesn’t have more reviews ! Very very accurate and said same thing as other readers ! Thank you again. X

H From On 12/08/2018

100% SPOT ON!

This is the second reading I have had with Amelia and she blew me away with her accuracy. She is absolutely amazing and picked up on my situation straight away. I can't believe that she described people who I wanted to find out was doing nasty stuff and she was absolutely correct in her readings and predictions. I am amazed how she hasn't got more postive reviews. She's an amazing one in a million!

Charlene From London On 03/02/2018

Amazing and acurate

Spoke to Amelia she was straight to the point, she knew excatly what was happening in my life, she re enforced what I knew. Amazing warm and very friendly. Amelia was honest and didn't tell me what she thought I wanted to hear, very genuine thank you

Kerrie From Derbyshire On 22/01/2018

Very Sweet

Picked up on everything immediately. Very sweet and caring reader. Thank you!

B From USA On 25/07/2017

Brilliant reader

Just finished my reading with Amelia i have to say this lady is brilliant at what she dose, she so clear in her reading i asked her questions only i would know and she got them spot on with no hesitation absolutely brilliant i will be calling you back soon xx

Jasmine From Southampton On 17/07/2017

Lovely Reader

Turns out I am not crazy after all. Amelia confirmed exactly what I was thinking. She gave good advice and really seemed to care. Gentle and compassionate.. Lovely reading and I look forward to however this plays out as I have no fear anymore.Thank you Amelia x

Sandra From UK On 24/06/2017

Super Reader

Thank you from a psychic who needed some clarity. I didn't tell Amelia i was also a psychic i asked my question and got the Truth which is what i wanted she was brilliant, gentle and new the answers to my question she gave me the clarity i needed and helped me to feel positive Thank you Xxxx

Michelle From London On 12/06/2017

25 May

1 st readin with this lady n I found her lovely polite softly spoken . Picked up situation perfectly . Had a giggle as well .the only silence I got was when she was shuffling the cards , conversation flowed n so did the reading , thank u

Carol From Notts On 25/05/2017

Genuine psychic- rated by a fellow psychic

I work as a psychic myself but as we all know the worst a psychic can do is read for themselves. I logged on the 14th frustrated because I spoke to 3 psychics that kept getting my situation wrong and trying to fish for clues, literally failing to connect with me but not owning up to it . Amelia got everything right about each person and I never actually told her anything apart from names. She gave me a crucial message that she couldn't possibly have known about because she didn't know the circumstances beforehand. Put it this way the girl saved the day and steered me towards the right path! Love her manner as well she didn't keep me on the phone for ages either so thanks Hun and keep up the good work. You are a credit to this service xxx

Emma From Herts On 14/04/2017


Awful reading -- really long silences, and zero information. When she did speak it was nothing but negative. Clearly this reader has low energy and doesn't enjoy her job.

Angel From Surrey On 26/03/2017


I have just come off of a call with Amelia, she is an amazing reader unfortunately I got disconnected, but I will call back once I have paid the bill. She is an amazing reader. Thank you Amelia your a star!

Charlene From London On 20/01/2017

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