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I am a third generation psychic with 25 years experience using my gifted tools, astrology, tarot and playing cards, chakra readings and have helped over 30 thousand people. I am a love advisor and relationship coach, law of attraction expert, NLP practitioner and ascension light worker. Let me guide you and give you clarity beyond thought, my goal is your well-being and happiness. Love and Light To You All. PIN: 1939



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Some accurate points in reading, and credible insights, however he took so long shuffling his cards so many times, this resulted in me feeling like I was just left hanging on, and had to check he was still on the line.

From On 02/11/2021

High Vibes

amazing - thank you ever so much - rock on

CMF From London On 01/11/2021

Time waster

Asked too many questions rude guy no answer

Jessie From Ozz On 17/10/2021


I’ve spoken to John a few times over the past few months & he has been spot on about my situation & POI. He definitely has a gift & won’t just tell you what you want to hear. Thank you John

Natalie From Newcastle On 02/10/2021

Unhappy customer

I don’t understand how a reader can make negative comment on ppl with mediumship skills…? To me, that’s not okay. Reading did not resonate.

Em From Australia On 29/09/2021

He is amazing

Thank you so much John for all your guidance you’ve been spot on with my readings I appreciate you and what you do. Big hugs Nadine xxx

Nadine From On 25/09/2021

Accurate and Straight to the point

Its amazing how John told me I will experience breakage in my relationship after getting the names. Exactly I was going through the same condition. He explained the POI’s characteristics exactly and what he was going through. He is a gift, respect to John.

AF From Sydney On 17/09/2021

Positive reading

John Was to talk to. Reading was accurate and positive. Thank you

Kathleen From Kent On 07/09/2021

Positive reading

John Was to talk to. Reading was accurate and positive. Thank you

Kathleen From Kent On 07/09/2021

Very helpful

Spoke a couple times with John he’s very sweet kind of guy was right in what he was saying would recommend him totally thanks John for your input

Pauline From North east On 02/09/2021

Just to say

You were wrong about your prediction… very wrong. Please post!

JEW From London On 29/08/2021


this is the second time I am trying to leave feedback but the portal soes not post it. I paid for TP services and as a customer i am allowed to lave my feedback. John's reading was incorrect 2 weeks ago. He told me that my ex-boyfriend will not return me back my belongings. H returned back my belongings 2 days ago. John told me that I will never talked to him again. I talked to him today. Predictions did not happen.

Sia From Australia On 27/08/2021


Spend alot of time shuffling the cards and very slow at giving reading, wouldn't waste your minutes

From On 23/08/2021

What a disappointment very opposite from the reviews this guy is annoyingly vague . Takes ages to connect the will give u a very general reading which doesn't need anyone to be a Psychic to tell u

Phiwo From On 23/08/2021

Not for me

Told me the very exact opposite of what was taking place. Thank you anyway. We do not connect with all readers.

Pisces From Aus On 20/08/2021

Very good

Very onsightful and accurate. Thank you John for your readings over the years, you are a very honest straight forward man

From Dorset On 17/08/2021


Very good reading. Accurate without probing. Honest to. Thank you

From North East On 29/07/2021

Thankyou for your guidance helped a lot and picked up on things really nice man

Andrea From Teeside On 23/07/2021

Impressively accurate

Thank you so much John, you picked up my energies straight away, told me exactly what challenges I had come through and where my life is now unfolding. You are quick, to the point, friendly, warm and precise. I love your sense of humour too. Your first prediction has come true, I was offered the job today! My experience with you was above and beyond my expectations and I highly recommend you to others who are seeking guidance and clarity in any situation in life. I will contact you again in December. Thank you John, you are amazing *******

Louise From Staffordshire On 15/07/2021


John is very clear and has a gift. He takes a long time to shuffle the cards but something told me to trust him. He was spot-on about my situation and gave me encouraging pointers on how to deal with it. He doesn't read with any 'frills' or 'sugar coat' but hits the nail on the head and answered my questions fully. Would definitely call again. Hope his predictions come true.

Elizabeth From London On 13/07/2021

Amazing reader

Thanks you John! You’re such an amazing reader. I feel so much more at ease now x

From On 21/06/2021


Very detailed and precise. Super helpful session

Olly From London On 13/06/2021

Takes time to.connect just be ready to spend over 5 min waiting for hk. To mix his cards and after that u get a vague reading thats too generql

Kate From On 10/06/2021

Connected well but took too long

I talked to may readers n no reader took such a long time to connect as John did. I had to wait on phone for a long time while he was mixing his cards but connected well 90 percent of what he said was correct. Couple of things were incorrect His speech was very clear

Varshini From Blackpool On 23/05/2021

John is brilliant

Best late night conversations John. Thx as always, I’ll keep on the glogg!

J From Swedish massive On 25/01/2021

Excellent! Wow! Absolutely Amazing Reader

John you are a fantastic reader! You are my favorite. Thank you for a wonderful reading. You are so quick and to the point. Picked up on everything without me saying a word! So in tune and gave me so much detail it was unbelievable!

J❤️ From London On 25/12/2020

No Good

Vague, asked a lot of questions, took too long to give a basic answer and tried several time to get me to do all the talking. Time waster. Also I felt pressured to accommodate him on a trip to my country. Not cool

Kay From Oz On 19/12/2020

Accurate, honest & respectful

Thank you John, you truly are amazing. Everything you said was so accurate!! I appreciated your honesty. You are so very gifted. I also wanted to thank you for your advise in helping me. You could have just given me a reading, but you offered some understanding & help. Love & light to you John ❤️

Bel From The land down under On 26/10/2020

Not good

Very slow. Incredibly wishy washy. Couldn’t be specific on anything:

Donna From London On 23/10/2020


Sorry ran out of funds mate but thank you so so much. You were right on target with everything you were saying. Brilliant and right on track from the word go! Definately worth your weight in gold! Namaste my friend. Love n light

John From Land down under On 15/09/2020

Fantastic reader

John you are amazing I so appreciate your reading. You were spot on with validations. I thinks you do such Amazing job and I appreciate all your help. Thank you so much. Lots of love xxx

Nadia From On 11/09/2020


This was my first reading with John, all I gave was my name and dob and I was stunned by the accurate information he gave. So full of positivity and inspiration. Could not thank John enough for the reassurance. I feel relaxed and confident that things will work out as Exactky as you predicted. Thank you once again

J From London On 04/05/2020


John gave a really good reading into my current situation he was pretty spot on with it and hit the nail on the head a few times. Would definitely go back to him again in the future

Natalie Manning From Suffolk On 26/03/2020


I had a reading with John and I can honestly say that he has helped me with throughout negative personal experiences and helped me back on the road to recovery. Anyone who has said that John is rude I totally disagree with. I am also intuitive and I feel that people take psychics for a joke and when they say something people tend to deny it when in fact what the psychic is saying is 100% true. I can honestly say that I felt this with regard to a few people leaving negative comments and NO John did not say anything to me to leave this review. I completely disagree with any negative comments and in future anyone who says anything negative please think about your lives and why you are coming to speak to a psychic before slagging them off. Have some respect and if a Psychic is not feeling your vibrational energy it is because you are either lying or you just don't like hearing the truth. Sorry but I have spoken to John and he has been nothing but correct and I am sorry that there has ever been negative reviews regarding John. He is outstanding and if you give him a chance he will help you. Don't come on the phone with attitude and you will find that vibrational energies can and will work in your favour and you will find that John will guide you in the most positive way as he did with me. Thank-you John for your Positivity and the short video on you tube that I also watched. I finally said Goodbye to from negativity. You are amazing.

Charlene From London On 14/02/2020

Not a bad reading

OK a bit slow on non relationship questions but OK on the relationship side, some good answers but disappointing on the other snbjects.

Not a bad reading From London On 04/02/2020


He is worth gold Thx Neeru

From On 16/12/2019


John has been reading for me from last 4 years and is always spot on. He will tell you what he sees, no showing you dreams of a rosy future if it’s not Neeru

From On 16/12/2019

Predictions different to most readers on the site

Not sure what to think he picked up on few point but the rest didn't make sense, also he wasn't tuning into my questions ...

From On 06/10/2019

Thank you for your patience

Thank you for listening me and giving me a hope

Ranka From Melbourne On 07/08/2019

Very good reading

Thank you, John! Sorry we ran out of minutes and I couldn't say Thank you. Very accurate reading.

From Australia On 11/06/2019

Best reading I’ve ever had. Friendly and very helpful. Where have you been all this time!

Anji From Australia On 22/02/2019

very good straight forward

Thank you John for your reading very uplifting and straight to the point. Sorry we were cut off John doesn't waste your time and he gives you honest answers and I also like that he doesn't filter the reviews and publish everything. Highly recommended and nice man :-)

From On 20/02/2019


Wanting some clarity he gave me more understanding someone behaviour of be calling him again thank you

R From London On 12/01/2019

Predictions were totally different

John's reading took a little while to start. When he answered my question his prediction was opposite from other top readers so not really sure. Left me wondering and confused. I will update in a few weeks to tell you if he was right or wrong! Bye

Z From UK On 31/12/2018

Great reading

Very impressive reader. Gave me good strategies how to deal with a stressful situation Im currently going through. Sorry I ran out of time.

L From Australia On 20/11/2018

An all rounder

I've had a couple of readings with John now and he is so reassuring! His use of astrology as well as tarot is a combination I love and his style of delivery is so on point and he truly understands people and is able to give such accurate readings. Everytime I have spoken with him he really has made me feel so much better about what is going on in my life and helped me see things from a different perspective or reaffirm things I already kbow! Thank you John you're an absolute gent! Dont stop being you! Love and light! Nerys

Nerys From Swansea On 29/09/2018

Genuine Brilliant Understanding Spot On

Can't praise John highly enough he is an exceptional reader who gets right to the centre of the issue without any prompting and gives a very in depth reading. He tells it as he sees it be it good or bad rather than just what you want to hear, in a very compassionate way offering excellent guidance. John knows his stuff.

Rachel From South Lanarkshire On 21/08/2018

Great Counsel

Such an excellent read, the go to person if you want great Counsel. He's told me things that no one else has been able to and told me what to do in certain circumstances. Thank you John. I shall be calling you again.

B From Australia On 17/07/2018

Love It!

Thank you so much. Very clear and insightful

PJ From US On 03/07/2018

Thank you

Many thanks John, for your patience and understanding.

Heather From NE England On 26/05/2018


Love John's style of reading. Je combines psychic abilities with astrology to give you an indepth reading. He even picked up what a certain person in my life was feeling and why. Takes a little bit of time to do his calculations but is genuine, straightforward and quite accurate!

P From Aus On 12/04/2018

Great reader

Empathetic and picked up energy very well. Thanks John! Sorry it got cut off

T From Australia On 04/04/2018

Best reading I ever had

I reguarly call this line for readings but this is by far the best reader I came accross. Detailed and accurante information about current situation ( all on point ) without asking any question. I would highly recommend this reader I spent over an hour talking to John and had to keep topping up my pin but it was worth every second. Call John for clarity

Mayi From On 20/03/2018

The best

I had 2 readings with john in a past. I always try to talk only to him , but its hard to catch him these days. Honestly the best 2 readings i ever had . I wasted so much money on others here, no one comes close to hes abilities. He tell u stuff that no one could possibly guess . Truly amazed

Rita From London On 21/02/2018

Accurate and calm, clear and concise!

I am very thankful for the well set-out reading John, I was unable to comment too much as I was concerned someone was on the line - but you completely ON track, very tactful and helpful indeed. You gave me the info I was desperately seeking without me having to say very much at all. Thank you sincerely. You're very accurate.

Lynda From Perth On 07/01/2018


John, sincere apologies for sounding a little vague - was worried someone was listening in - you were completely on the nail and I so appreciate the insight you shared..

last caller 7/1/18 From o/s On 07/01/2018


Lovely guy really connected and I disagree John was a great empath and gave me his ear and time so puzzled as to other reviews ...the info he has given me helped me sort out where I want to go tank ewe cariad...BLESSINGS FOR 2018 to u & your family~

Arwenna J From Cardiff WALES On 30/12/2017


John this is the fourth time you have read for me the first time was the beginning of 2016 you have never altered your very concise in depth intuitive readings full accounts of situations people concerned You are in my opinion one of the strongest intuitive gifted people on this site and I thank you for a totally awsome reading no doubt I will speak again with you God Bless. Helena 18.12.17

Helena From North East UK On 18/12/2017


Last night I was randomly put through to John when attempting to contact another reader. Having already read Johns reviews I must admit I was tempted to hang up straight away but decided otherwise and so thankful I did. The only questions asked were my name and dob in which a very grounded and direct reading followed. John was incredibly accurate in the areas I could confirm, in fact even more so than the couple of readers I class as top readers. Whilst I can’t make comment on consistency/lack there of or predictions being correct/incorrect I can say I’m glad I wasn’t calling to experience Johns rude and nasty as I would have been extremely disappointed. I found this man to be very personable whilst focussing strongly on the reading I had requested. John, I sincerely apologise my phone dropping out just as we were getting to the good stuff (the slightly older man) I think I caught enough to put things you were saying together. You were so correct and I look forward to coming out of the dark tunnel that has been surrounding my life the past few years. Have already started removing the troublemakers, and yes sadly including the family members. Thank you so much, I would not hesitate in calling you again. Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas! Kind Regards.

Anonymous From On 10/12/2017


John is a fantastic reader spot on every time he is always very consistent all the time will defanatly call him again

robert peachey From Birmingham On 18/11/2017

Extremely good

I was with John for over an hour on phone n my issue was complex n he was extremely helpless, gentle and precise. I loved his professional approach and passion for his work. John I asked you to pray for me. I am the lady with little boy. You are an angel, hope what you said comes true

Mysterious From London On 13/09/2017


Never, ever will I speak to him again, had to hang up.

Sue From West Midlands On 11/07/2017

Nothing he said came true

He made some predictions that did not end up happening. Caused me worry for no reason.

Sarah From London On 22/06/2017

Always good

Had a few readings with john and always very happy my readings make sense and I am happy that things have unfolded like the way john said, will call back in 6mths.

Charlie From Bristol On 08/06/2017

John is the best

John is great , had 2 readings with him , amazes me every time , tells things without asking any questions . Straight on point , very skilled. All i told him my date of birth and name , and the guy i was interested in name and date of birth, got so much info , lots that i knew about ( wich was great confirmation that he picked up on situation) and lots of things that I didn't know about . Call john if you want someone truly skilled to guide you

From On 07/06/2017

Great reading

I found John really good, really on point with the situation in my life ... Was very impressed

Michelle From Australia On 28/05/2017

John is fantastic and talented

I am very surprised by the negative views expressed here. I've had quite a few readings with John and he has never been rude to me, in fact, he's been very kind and we've had a laugh. His readings have been consistent every time. He is extremely talented and able to investigate the situation from multiple angles and advise you accordingly. He is straightforward and does not sugarcoat- maybe other people perceive this as rude? Or perhaps they are rude and he's just reflecting this back to them? Anyways... I like John, he's a great person. Big love to you John and thanks for your excellent and informative readings. Keep up the good work.

Karen From On 17/05/2017


John is always polite to me. He is straightforward and does not sugarcoat and I really appreciate him for that. I would not pay money to be lied to and I ferl trust John for telling me what he sees and not what I want to hear. Thanks for your hard work John.

Marie From Surrey On 16/05/2017


I agree with the others when it comes to John being rude. When I phoned John he was aggressive just because I said I did not have a sister, he thought I had a brother. What can I say he obviously knows me more than me. I will never ring back again because obviously, I need to discover myself.

From oxon On 13/05/2017

Very surprised

John is a bit sharp but I like my men strong and firm. His reading was accurate and I quess that is what I am paying for. Some comments here a bit over the top I mean give him more than 5 mins chance. Will call again.

Pat From South Thanet On 13/05/2017


Very easy to talk to, accurate in his readings and I valued his time and expertise in answering questions I was interested in gaining guaidance in. Thank you sincerely

Sam From Australia On 04/05/2017

I agree with others i hung up after 5 mins probably less. Awful.

Shirley From Northern ireland On 19/04/2017


Great readind , very accurate. Not rude at all . In fact very helpful. Gave me great advice and better understanding on my situation.

Rita From On 16/04/2017


Totally agree with other reviews. He's rude and blinked. Not willing to accept truths that only I should know like how many relationships I've had. Takes it personally if you challenge him. Plus his readings are inconsistent and story like. Stay away!!!!

A From West Yorkshire On 14/04/2017

Rude man

I agree with others on this reader...he is very very rude

Ann From USA On 10/04/2017

Pleasantly surprised

I had a reading with John 3 weeks ago. I was shocked at how accurate he was on how he read the other person. I've tried some of the more expensive lines and he was far better value for money.

Ali From Canterbury On 10/04/2017

Very nice man

Thank you for your wonderful reading. Sorry my connection failed and the call ended prematurely.

Sandra From UK On 31/03/2017

Love you John

Keep your chin up kid, sometimes you just cant please everyone. I saw that blue dress you told me about, nice one.

Doreen From Birmingham On 30/03/2017


Excellent and gifted reader! Hit the person in question right on the head! Thanks :)

From On 28/03/2017


This man told me that I am going to be alone for the rest of my life and that the best I could hope for is to date someone. I'm 33 and don't have any baggage. This man will make you feel like crap about yourself. I would avoid him...he is kind of mean too.

C From UK On 28/03/2017


I had many readings with John and all his outcome was spot on. Describes the person personality and whats going on is correct. Will come back for more updates!

Viv From NSW On 10/03/2017

Extremely GOOD!!!

RIGHT, John is the man to come to if you want straight honest answers! Not all of the readers can explain things the way John does as he combines the universal energies syncing it with astrology and with what is going on in your life! We can get carried away most of the times with what other readers can say, that if we are not careful we will be stuck waiting for that prediction/thing to happen! I have had readings with other readers and the TOP readers especially and I can say what he has told me made more sense then the fantasy the other readers were feeding me. This man is for those who want the honest, practical truth! I am so glad that I got through to John which has now helped me move forward finally and not go go back to the state I was in ever again!! The ball is now rolling, Thank you John for helping me reach that clarity which I needed ever so badly! god bless you. take care x

E From UK On 10/03/2017


i had a reading a month back and to be honest i was a bit unsure of the reading. he had told me many things good and bad, some which i was like "IF YOU SSAY SO" but its now been 2 months and everything has been spot on. amazing def worth a call!

A FROM UK From UK On 26/02/2017

I left a review after my reading with John a few months ago, it never appeared. Reading itself was good but I totally agree with review above, I found John rude !

J From Uk On 04/02/2017

Second time

1st reading was great, but then the second Reading was totally different, about the Same issue.. makes you wonder

Kay From London On 02/02/2017

Won't be phoning back

This man is rude. Won't be phoning back.

26/01/17 From On 26/01/2017


Thank you John for your honesty and compassion earlier today. I am so thankful to have a reader that I can trust. Please don't ever leave this site!!

Trisha From On 03/01/2017

Not consistent

John told me completely the opposite to what he'd told me a couple of weeks ago !

Helena From Uk On 02/01/2017

Here's another one. I tried so many here wished i found him earlier. Spot on and direct. No time wasting. Just gets the persons feelings and state of mind straightaway.... amazing. Predictions given but cut off. Argh Enjoyed the reading

From On 28/12/2016

What can I say except for excellent & spot on! Thank you for sharing your honest insights

M From Bristol On 23/12/2016

What can I say except for excellent & spot on! Thank you for sharing your honest insights

M From Bristol On 18/12/2016

What can I say for except excellent & spot on! Thank you for sharing your honest insights

M From Bristol On 06/12/2016


YOU ARE AWESOME!!! John's accuracy is AMAIZING, it is always nice to talk with him, he makes feel POSITIVE AND HAPPY!!!!

Seema From USA On 12/11/2016

Efficient and breathtaking reading

John's accuracy leaves me lost for words. He could read the guy I'm interested in like an open book. Indeed the push-pull dynamic continues however at least I have some insight into the drivers behind his erratic behaviour. Thanks for giving me a detailed account of the situation and for leaving me more empowered to make the right decision. Will be back for another reading soon xxx

JJ From London On 18/09/2016


John is an incredible reader & very nice!

Shea From UK On 02/09/2016

December 17, 2010 at

December 17, 2010 at 1:51 ama€><Donâ/™t just tolerate change, invite change.This could work when the change is in the positive way, but what if things are changing in the wrong way? Like, for example, a disease, or someone dear to you dies? How to invite that change? Reply</a>

Ronalee From f2WcuXS1 On 30/06/2016

Highly skilled reader

Ive had several readings with this guy now and each time i asked him to use a different method to read for me like tarot reading the next reading was with a deck of playing cards i think and the last one was just with his intuition and with each reading i came back for a next reading with him even more impressed as he gave me so much info and guidance with my issues only problem was he was a little hard to get hold of a couple times perhaps because he is so popular every one wanted to speak to him!

marcus davis From kettering On 17/06/2016


Amazing insight, clarity and right on the nail. Thank you so very much for taking the time and trouble to look into situations and share advice. It has all been extremely helpful and is very sincerely appreciated.

Lynda From OZ On 10/05/2016

Happy & Excited

I would like to thank-you for the most fun reading ever. It has been a pleasure to speak with John regarding issues discussed and was amazed at what he had seen. I am very, very happy that John was able to help me understand what was going on with certain situations and he is and would be a blessing to anybody and everybody who comes to do a reading with him. I definitely recommend John to have a reading with as he can look clearly into the situation and advise not only as to the situation but as a life coach as well. He has certainly made my day today, a barrel of laughs as well as to advise on getting things sorted. Thank-you John, your the best.

Charlene From London On 03/05/2016

thank you john !!!

I would like to thank you for giving me all the information i recieved from u. To actually learn about me was just what i needed to know. I am going to put what you said into practise an i thank you for just helping me with all u said. Very accurate reading with fantastic insight. I recommend john to have a reading from as he goes right into the situation. Thank you again john. Love an light.

susan oneill From northen ireland On 28/04/2016


im excited to see whether johns predictions come true

amy a From kent On 26/04/2016

Thank you

John is a lovely man and a good listener. He tunes straight into my situation and always puts me on the right path. Thank you xxx

Megan Rider From Southampton On 22/04/2016


John is very professional and a pleasure to talk to. All of his predictions came to light xoxo

Stella From Melbourne On 17/02/2016

John is brilliant. Call him! Thank you so much!!!

From London On 15/02/2016


Thank you so much John thanks to you I'm going to be able to sleep just perfect today! John is an amazing person he helped me so much! Thank you

Mariana From On 06/02/2016

Wonderful reader

I left a review on this site before for John but it seems to have unfortunately disappeared. John is one of the kindest, most empathetic and genuine readers I've had the pleasure of reading with. He is straightforward, to the point and very intuitive. He talks honestly but always gives you hope and insight as to the way forward. I've appreciated all my readings with him. Thank you John.

Ires From Melbourne On 05/02/2016

Thank you John

Wow! Very detailed and precise reading.. Thank you! You went very deep into the emotions of my relationship and were very accurate. Will call you with an update if your predictions come into light.. Thank you..

Anonymous From Australia On 06/12/2015

Very gifted

Spiritually talented and gifted with a rare gift. He concentrates on the past ( past life) to the present. Very accurate and sincere.

orange From Surrey On 28/11/2015

Just amazing:)

John was very straight forward and sorry call cancelled, but anyway we had enough time to look trough my current situation and I had all the answers I needed. As well as I know now, where I still need to improve! Thanks!

Ieva From On 18/11/2015

This man is good

I have to give this man some immense credit for his spiritual ability. I was sceptical before I called John and now I am so glad that I did. John is a warm, funny and intuitive reader that has helped me with a great deal of situations. Thank you John and I will be back in touch real soon. Elaina.

Elaina From New York On 30/11/-0001

Many thanks John!

John was correct about many things going on in my life right now and with others surrounding me too..waiting for the predictions to happen now will update if and when they come to wishes to you John.karen

karen From Leeds,west yorks On 30/11/-0001

thank you

Very good reader- yes the predictions came true !! I was amazed

Sandra From Berkshire On 30/11/-0001

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