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My name is Guy. I have a blessed gift of being able to specifically channel into the deepest thoughts of your loved one, or love related interest you would really like to know more about. I will try my absolute best to get you the answers you need during your reading with me. I look forward to sharing my gift with you in a reading. PIN 1894



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Your are amazing! Literally got off the phone with you and got a message instantly, what are the odds on that??

From On 31/01/2021

The best

I have had 5 readings so far with guy over the last few months, he is absolutely amazing, always spot on with what he says, and says it with honesty, everything over the last few reading has been consistent even picking up dates and times of past events, I dont know how you do it guy, but you one fantastic, amazing person I feel so privileged to have been able to reach you on here, I cannot thank you enough

From On 24/01/2021

Thank you Guy, for a great reading. Perfectly insightful. Xxx

From Australia On 13/01/2021

Just wow!

With minimal info Guy picked up on so much that I was enquiring about! I had read the reviews and it took literally weeks to get through to him! I am so glad that he did. Doesn't sugar coat things and answered every question I had clearly and concisely. Really got into my head and others. I have a deeper understanding of the situation I am in, and am very thankful that I got through at last! You wont be told what you want to hear, and I certainly needed the truth, and I feel that I got it. So much makes sense now. Very little questioning and prompting, Guy gets right to the core of the issue and tells you exactly what he sees. Thank you Guy, I will try and get back for another reading.

Kharis From Loughborough On 14/12/2020

Helped me loads

Difficult times but Guy put things in a clear way I have a lot to thank him for - take care mate. Put 4 stars as had to wait.

Terry From Staffs On 25/11/2020

True psychic ability

waited a while to get to Guy and yes i read all the reviews so expectations were really high -he is the real thing just loved his direct approach he says it how it is not just want you want to hear which is why i called Trusted as had been recommended by friends. It was like he knew me and my thoughts I am still thinking about his words now so absolutely one of the best on Trusted well worth the wait and i will phone again.

Mrs F. Lawson From Stroud On 25/11/2020

He is a true gent! Im in awe of his talent and how humble and authenthic Guy is, he is a very rare gem and not only as a psychic but also as human. I had s few readings with him and his talent and his wisdom and authenthicity made it a rather catharthic reading in a way. He tunes in instantly and relay the person’s thoughts and feelings as they happen. But truly its his insightfullness and wisdom that make it so much more profound. Im still rather speechless so to the person who asked in previous review ‘whats the hype about?’ -well, thats what it’s about. Thank you so much Guy for sharing your talent with me and for your inner beauty. ❤️

Monika From London On 23/11/2020

Don’t get the hype?? - it’s a no from me

From On 20/11/2020

Very consistent and honest

I have had three seperate readings with Guy and he has been consistent in the information given to me. Never sugar coats and doesn’t predict but will give you so sensible advice based on what information he receives from his guides.

From On 17/11/2020

Lovely guy :)

I had another great reading. So kind and seems to tune right into people. Thanks Guy x

Jacqueline From UK On 14/11/2020

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