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Tassia - 1835

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I am a mystic and I know the path to fulfilment and happiness. I have found it and know we each have an individual, meaningful life. I want to help you find what you seek. I understand when you call me that you may be overwhelmed or confused by circumstances. I will help you formulate a question so I can divine the deeper intention of your situation. I know that I can assist you to find the clarity and sense of destiny you need to live your dreams. PIN: 1835



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Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I specialize in relationships, career or spiritual path. If you are concerned for a new or old relationship or one with a family member, through Tarot, I can assist you to see the truths in it so you will feel powerful and in touch with love again. If you are feeling your potential is stuck in a rut, I can assist you to move forward with meaning and confidence. Or even if you have a desire for a career change but cannot see the way forward, I can reveal your strengths and path ahead.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

Since I was a child I have seen that life flows in a way that many people do not see. So I studied many texts and practices and last year I have realised how I can fully assist people make the most of their lives too.

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Very judgemental and lecturing

Was very judgemental of my situation and also spent the entire reading lecturing come on how unimportant I was in the situation.

Tracey From On 15/03/2022


Confused about the reading Explain the second part and left me with my thoughts and feelings like bounce balls Very contradictory

From On 02/03/2022

Yes lecturing

Absolutely a lecturer No thanks I won’t be back because u were extremely negative

Nadine From London On 25/02/2022


Thank you Tassia. You know when someone knows! It is great when you meet a like mind. It lifted me. Really. Thank you xx

From On 12/11/2021

Lecturing more than Psychic Reading

I found Tassia slightly judgemental and telling me how to be. She was projection her feelings on to me. I felt down after a reading with her. Tassia if you are reading this then I just want to say to you that people are not paying to hear your personal opinions they want to have a positive reading or if you pick up on someone not so good then maybe say it in a neutral way, you don't have to be so blunt about things, especially if someone is feeling down. Wishing you well.

Helen From Yorkshire On 05/11/2021

Not even 1 star

The worst Psychic I've ever spoken too. Even when I said this does not make sense she went on to be rude. I had to hang up.........then spoke to another psychic who actually helped me,but Tassia was disappointing in the least!

Sara From Southampton On 13/10/2021

Pretty good

She is a good reader c

Starry From London On 08/10/2021


Thank you so much, I got cut off and couldn’t get back through to you.. you lifted my spirit tonight, truly. Many blessings until we meet again Tara x

Tara From Australia On 13/09/2021


Spiritual guidance and not your own opinion. Thank you.

Human From Uk On 18/08/2021


You shall get back what you put out my dear. And that’s a promise from the universe.

Amazing From Uk On 13/08/2021

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