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I am an angel card reader. I love the positivity they bring into readings and I have been using them for a few years. I also use the tarot also. I am a hands on healing energy healer and I thrive on giving spot on readings to my clients. I am here to give you insight, clarity and personal readings that will uplift you in any circumstances. PIN: 1743



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I can offer a none judgemental reading about life and general issues including love.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I regularly saw a gentleman in childhood. He was always a great comfort and a lovely energy to be around, and when I was around 11 I was looking through my Grandmother's photographs with her and said 'oh I know him, he is a very nice man' my Grandmother replied that was impossible as he had died before I was born. I then thought it best to just not mention these things and that I was probably being silly. I could vividly see things and in dreams I would have vivid conversations with deceased loved ones. For years I explained things away as fantasy, and made as much effort as I could to repress these things. After meeting a wonderfully gifted psychic medium and healer I realised that I was actually hearing spiritual messages rather than going slightly mad and I still learning in some areas. After a great deal of thought I decided to let myself become more spiritual. I am very intuitive as well as be kind.

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Opal is excellent put my mind at ease picked up my situation in detail. 5 stars

Teresa From london On 29/12/2020

Lovely reader

No questions, she just fired away with information. Was so in tune and a nice lady too. Thank you x

From On 15/12/2020


I’ve spoken to Opal a few times now and her advice and what she says is consistently accurate and on point.

Maria From Australia On 08/12/2020


What a lovely lady. So accurate and delivered with so much compassion with every question that I asked. I feel so enlightened, thank you so much

Carrie From Kent On 01/12/2020


Great. Helpful. Understanding and able to give clarity. Thank you.

Barbara From Australia On 07/10/2020


Why doesn’t she have more reviews she knew things she couldn’t have, goes into so much detail. She’s an empath as well as a psychic really valuable combo - Thanks Opal you’re a star!

Barbara From Australia On 01/09/2020

Incredible - Truely Gifted Lady

This lady is spectacular and has a true gift, thank you Opal

Caller From On 18/08/2020

Spot on

I was fortunate enough to have a reading with this lovely lady today. Despite our telephone connection keep breaking down, i still managed to reconnect with her. Very accurate and a very positive reading. picked up on a complicated situation between myself and a POI. Thank you so much for your clarification, I guess I knew deep down..

Carrie From Kent On 04/08/2020

Amazing in accuracy

Opal is such a gentle lady but also extremely accurate at picking up quickly the ins and outs of a situation. She picked up my past, the current present, the personality of my ex and I am totally excited by the future. Thank you so much for being an amazing lady! XXX

Steph From France On 14/07/2020

Experience, genuine and lovely reader

Many thanks for looking at the current situation and explaining how things stand and what the potential is to move forward. appreciate they will remain like this for another month. Great reading - and I'll be back to update when the time comes.

DCR From CT On 28/04/2020

I like how she doesn’t waste time and go right into the reading. I like how she picked up my situation correctly without fishing for any information nor did I provided any background information. Thank you.

From On 26/04/2020


She was absolutely amazing who connected with me straight away. She was spot on with my past and present that I was amazed. Just waiting for the unsaid come to reality. Very very positive, kind and empathetic. Thank you

J From London On 20/04/2020

Great reader

Opal picks up the issue and details time & time again. Gives great guidance. I highly recommend her

From On 14/04/2020

Thankyou Opal great insight xxx

From Australia On 31/03/2020


Opal is a great psychic but she is also a fantastic listener. Helps me calm all my inner anxieties and function in business more effectively. She is truly empathic and just helps me on those awful days. Thank you Opal xx

Lynda From London On 02/02/2020


Thank you for such a brilliant reading Opal. As with other reviews, you were spot on with my situation with quick and in-depth answers to any questions I had too. Will be back ....x

M From Yorks On 17/12/2019

Fabulous reading!! Straight in no questions!! Love it Thanks Opal!! 1743

From Australia On 03/12/2019

My reading

Seems a very lovely lady, very professional and such a calming voice, very apt for my anxiety. Reading was spot on. Thankyou opal!

Tanya From Cornwall On 23/10/2019


I spend SEVEN minutes with this lady and she rattled off what I called for without me even telling her. She is so efficient and she is most definitely a real reader. She asked no questions and that is where you know you are dealing with someone authentic. Thank you so much Opal. x

From edinburgh On 22/10/2019

Amazingly accurate

Wiw accurat spot on pleasure to speak with you thanks sooo muchxxx

From On 15/10/2019

Beautiful lady !

Medium- Thank you so much connect really well thank u ur help love&light

Nikola from Wales From Wales On 25/09/2019

Great,very accurate

Definitely recommand this lady. She doesn't waste time, no questions asked, picked very accurately on my situation. Gave me good insight. Very helpful, thank you very much.

Katarina From Kent On 18/09/2019

Warm and in tune

I have had several readings with The Opal. She hasn't needed prompting and just on with things without wasting my money. She never rushes me and is a very good empathic, kind listener. Jay x

From On 03/09/2019

Beautiful lady !

Thank you for ur reading it was lovely to speak to highly recommended this lady no time wasted! Love&light Nikola

Nikola 11/06/2019 From Wales On 11/06/2019

Amazing.Gifted.Thank you Opal from the lady with the man needing validation.

From On 04/06/2019

Thank you

Thank you soon much x

Sharon From Stoke on Trent On 14/05/2019


Patient. Caring and without prompting. Thank you for clarity. Jo

From On 02/05/2019

Genuine, caring and well connected

Opal tuned in really well and gave some great validations. Her prediction was very valid and appears to be on the mark - although I would like it a little differently, it is what it i and she picked it...Great reader.

Libran From Aus On 12/02/2019

Absolutely Fabulous

It was lovely talking to you.. you are absolutely fab. I will call you again. Hugs from me in scotland xxx

From scotland On 01/01/2019

Lovely lady

Gets right to the point and tells u how she sees it

From On 18/09/2018

Thank you.

You helped a lot today. He called. Jill. X

From On 07/08/2018

Very good

Very clear and in detail reading helped me alot call her she's amazing

Jo From England On 14/04/2018


Thank you for the mediumship reading. It was so gently done and so good to hear from my Dad.

Anon From London On 09/04/2018

Opal You have a gift. So very in touch. Thank you kindly. X

Giulie From Australia On 05/11/2017

Quick and Accurate

29/7 Told me in nine minutes what i called for. She just got right on with it and did not waste my time or money. good reader and highly recommend. x

From On 29/07/2017

Im sorry but no nt for me waffling too much readin was all over the place

From On 12/07/2017

So pleased to have had the opportunity

Wow - put through by accident - well not really - managed from upstairs I would say. Fabulous reading with excellent connection - everything answered for me with ease and accuracy. So appreciate the chat - thank you!

Lynda From Perth On 08/07/2017

Spot on

Thank you so much for reassuring reading, you picked up on my situation and guided me on how to move forward

Jackie From West Midlands On 30/06/2017


I was impressed with reading, Opal was direct but calm and giving just the right amount of information without going over and over the same things. Well worth the call.

Jay From Australia On 29/04/2017


The best reader on this site, gentle and so accurate with my current dire situation without saying a word. Now waiting on your predictions. X

Scotty From Marlow On 26/04/2017

Lovely lady

Thank you for a terrific reading with no waffling. And thank you for taking real care with the reading

A From London On 23/04/2017

Awesome Second Experience !

She is very good and in sync with my previous reading.. highly talented thanks a lot


Lovely reader

Thank you so much for my reading. I had a reading hours earlier from a different reader which left me so unsettled as she kept giving 2 meanings from each card, things are a lot clearer now. Thank you.

Jac From Uk On 13/04/2017

Spot on

This lady was accurate and knowing of the situation . She gave me a beautiful reading with confirmation of what I knew in my heart she was empathetic positive and considerate I would highly recommend her . I have spoken to numerous Psychics on here searching for the truth and there's a handful of very special gifted people and Opal is one of them . God Bless. Helena X. 13.04.17

Helena From North East UK On 13/04/2017

Never a disappointment

Exceptional, caring, loving, honest and gifted reader. I can't thank you enough for your help. I'll never forget tonight's reading concerning my partner and best friend who passed away. You were spot on with everything. God bless you lovely. Xo

KATIANNA From USA On 01/04/2017


She is brilliant do speak to her wont be disappointed cheer s:)


Thanks Opal. You helped me understand others and how they don't think about the little things like we do. Big hug to you.

Empath From On 11/03/2017

Thank you

Thank you Opal

P From On 03/12/2016

Brilliant So sorry we got cut off

So sorry we got cut off you really are good Opal. You calmed me down and reassured me. Put me on the right path. Love &blessings

Anya From London On 23/10/2016


Wow, spot on reader. Picked up on my situation, I was blown away by her accuracy. Will definitely call again.

From Australia On 06/10/2016


Fantastic reader. Gets straight to the point and is accurate with what she picks up. Will call again. Thanks Opal.

M From Melbourne On 26/09/2016

Great Reader!

Amazingly gifted woman! Right on target and very kind. I will call again.

CJ From Maryland, United States On 03/09/2016

This beautiful person is a true angel of God. She will not disappoint you!

I spent several hours on the phone with her. It was magical. She knew so much! So pure in heart! I highly recommend her and she will give you not 100% BUT 1000! SHE IS EXCEPTIONAL AND EXTRAORDINARY! A GIFT FROM GOD! I WILL STAY IN TOUCH. XXXXXXXXXXX

Katianna Villanueva From Texas (TX) On 13/08/2016

Love Life

Amazing reader! Opal blew me away! She knew exactly what was going on in my past and present love life. I was depressed but after talking to her, I felt healed and look forward to her future predictions. She described the two men in my life who both have deep feelings for me and she's right. Look forward to her future predictions! Will definitely call her again! Thank you so much Opal. xxx

Isabel From London On 07/07/2016


Very reassuring! xx

Deb From Alice Springs, Australia On 02/07/2016

Good reading

Very caring, calming reading. I have had a few readings with Opal. Always makes me feel at ease. Looking forward to predictions. Thanks Opal. Xxoo

Kathy From Usa On 03/05/2016

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