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I am an angel and tarot card reader with many abilities. These were given to me as a gift to assist and guide you in as many ways as possible. I am able to induce peace, calmness and serenity into your life, ensuring happiness now and for the future. I am able to work through any problems or issues you may have, helping you move to a bright, lighter future. Please call me, my pin number is 1732.



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

I am a caring intuitive Angel and Psychic Tarot reader able to offer you in-depth answers to any of life's situations that you may be facing. I shall use my connections to the spirit guides to guide me while finding your correct path and help you to move forward to achieving your destiny.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

My strength is listening and being able to read a situation for what it is. Using my skills and experience, we will get to the bottom of any matter and find the right answer to help you fulfil your destiny.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I have always known I had special gifts and learning to use my Psychic skills was a way I could harness my hidden talents to full affect. I thrive on helping people with any situation in a very down to earth, non-judgemental way.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I am able to induce peace, calmness and serenity into your life, ensuring happiness now and for the future. I am able to work through any problems or issues you may have, helping you move to a bright, lighter future.

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The best real deal spot on!!!!!

Danielle is such a lovely woman was spot on in the reading. God bless her xxx

Chantell From London On 08/07/2018

So appreciative

Danielle - I appreciate getting through to you today! Danielle is just the most gentle soul on the planet. Great reading every time and incredibly compassionate! If you can get through...don't let her slip by you!

B From USA On 19/05/2018

She's lovely

Danielle was lovely to talk to, completely understood my situation and how I was feeling, she also picked things up straight away without me having to tell her, thank you Danielle x x

From On 02/04/2018

Beautiful lady

Danielle I’m so sorry we got cut off. I can’t thank you enough for my reading. I’m not going to give up and see what happens with the man in my life, also I will try and not be so stubborn this year but not promising anything lol. You are such a lovely lady and iwish you all the best for the Year ahead xx

From On 13/01/2018

So blessed

I was just lucky enough to get hold of this lovely lady after way too long! So lovely to talk to you, Danielle. Thankyou so much for yet another beautiful reading - Im so sorry my minutes ran out and we got cut off This lady is the best on this site a mile..she has been so spot on with my situation from day 1...and today was no different. I will be in touch when the outcome we have seen for so long actually happens (when he bites the bullet (polite version lol)) at last. Please look after are so special. Take care,my love xx

Mandy From Derby On 06/01/2018

Very nice

I gave Danielle a review 18/9/17 and I had a reading today -0nce again she was brilliant and compassionate

Alex From Melbourne On 01/01/2018


Danielle thank you so much for your reading today. You were spot on regarding my work reading and I truly hope your predictions come true. It is clear that you are an honest person with a true gift and that you want to help people, that is so honourable, I will contact you again with an update in the future. Anyone wanting a reading that is uplifting and accurate should speak with Danielle, she will fill you with hope. I was so hurt and felt betrayed about what had happened at work but she turned my emotions around and gave good solid advice. Danielle you are a true Earth Angel who fills those you read for with Love and Light. Happy new year and may God bless you and your Guides, including the most special young male Guide you have. The reading was truly wonderful insightful and most helpful xx

Nicci From Birmingham On 31/12/2017

Warm and Compassionate

Had a wonderful reading from this lady a week ago. She tuned in beautifully and gave me many clarifications that were totally the same as other readings I have had. She gave me real hope and I now believe my predictions will unfold. Love and Light xx

From London From UK On 10/11/2017

Genuine and on-point

I spoke to this gifted intuitive lady today, briefly explained my situation which included a recent job interview. Danielle stated that they would call me in for a second interview. As we were progressing through the reading, my mobile rang I could see it was from the company I was speaking about. It was HR asking me to come back for the second interview. Wow!! talk about being intuitive. Now waiting for the other stuff to materialize. An absolutely genuine and in-tune lady.

B. From London On 17/10/2017

Beautiful Soul

I spoke to this lovely lady today and she was so helpful and understanding about my situation which she picked up on accurately. She is also very caring and gave me support letting me know she is here for me when I need her which means a lot to me. I never had that. She is truly a special womam. God bless you and keep you safe.x

Yvonne From Birmimgham On 04/10/2017

Very very good

Nice lady and excellent

Alex From Melbourne On 18/09/2017

Thank you

Thank you Danielle for a warm, sincere and helpful reading. You truly made me feel understood, calm and reassured, you have a real gift ! I will be in touch and thank you for helping me behind the scenes it very comforting to know you are by my side !! I will keep in touch , great to speak to you xx

Gx From M/cr On 30/07/2017

Love Readiing

Danielle is Just lovely ... I rang her re my ex and she brought calmness to my situation and give me his hope that all lwould turn out well and made me see more clearly .. Thank you Danielle x

Lala From Uk On 29/07/2017

what a lovely lady

so me and Danielle finished our reading earlier what an amazing lady she helped me through a tough time putting clarity and calmness into my life i will calling back soon x

Ella From South east London On 17/07/2017

The one who run away

Danielle we had been chatting ages and my pin run out I went to top up only to say thank you and goodbye but entered the wrong pin. What a wonderful person you are...aside from picking up everything you listen don't judge and are so understanding. I will call back to update you on the man who runs away. Thank you and take care of yourself x

M From London On 05/07/2017

Sweetheart pure soul

Thank you for preying for me, listen to my problems and not judging me. You hart a pure heart and you deserve a long life. I wish I could trade mine with yours as you deserve a long happy life. Bless you.

Jess From Oz On 21/04/2017

Still amazing

Devastated that we got cut off but so happy that I got to speak to you yesterday. Your predictions never change on my complicated and very frustrating situation - you are still confident that things will work out even when Im not (as you correctly picked up) This lovely lady is worth her weight in gold..she is kind and speaks from the heart..theres no sugar coating but she has been 100% correct in everything she has told me over the months. My situation is so slow..its almost painful but Danielle has never faltered in the outcome. Would I like it sorted by now..yes I would...but I wont give up..I know it will happen. Thank you yet again Danielle ..always a pleasure. You make sure you take care of you! Lots of love, Mandy x

Mandy From Derby On 09/04/2017

Amazing talk with this lady she made me see the light at the end of the tunnel shes was spot on with everything thankyou so much x

Kirsty From Bolton On 08/04/2017

earth angel

I wasted so much money on other psychic lines then came here and found Danielle who was a fraction of the price. And she was so good so kind picked up on situation my feelings the person's state and our fight. And he will be back. No need for promoting or useless unhelpful info by those other guys. Should have founf her straight away.

kiki From Australia On 11/02/2017

amazing lady with a special gift. very true in all aspects of what she told me.. Danielle picked up on lots of things without being guided.. felt like i was talking to a friend with infinite wisdom and clarity over my situation 10/10

carol From midlands On 31/01/2017


Danielle is simply Amazing. Connected straight away. Spot on with her reading. I will definitely recommend her if you want to find answers to your burning questions. Thank you very much for being the great person you Are...Blessing xxxx

Vish From London On 11/01/2017


My second reading with Danielle and have to say she is one incredibley gifted genuine lady , kind empathetic a special soul that delivers the reading with truth and compassion I believe in her and her predictions and know she does "see" how it will be . Thankyou Danielle God Bless x

Helena From North East UK On 26/12/2016


Have just had a reading with this lovely lady. Very kind an caring I'm just sorry we got cut off Highly recommended

Anya From London On 17/12/2016

Another amazing reading

Had another reading with Danielle earlier - having a bit of a Christmas know how that goes. YET again, the reading was totally mind blowing. We connect so well...this lovely lady's readings never change - she is so positive..its like a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stuffy world. My insecurities sometimes cloud my vision but Danielle sees things when I cant and I have no doubt that her predictions will happen. Have a lovely Christmas Danielle..youre amazing x

Mandy From Derby On 17/12/2016


Sorry we got cut off earlier..this lady is amazing. I think we all have our favourites on here but Danielle is certainly one of mine. We connect on such a deep level, it blows me away. She is so lovely and kind and says things just as they are..a trait I personally have nothing but respect for...this has been a long rtoad for me but this lady has never faltered and even though this was my third reading with her today, everything she has said has remained the same..I honestly KNOW its going to work out just as she says Take care Danielle...youre one in a million

Mandy From Derby On 13/11/2016

Gods Helpers

Only the truly gifted that are on earth to help and assist can see what's happening Danielle is one of those sent to do just that ! Thankyou from the bottom of my heart God Bless x

Helena From North East England On 29/10/2016

Sorry we got cut off. Thank you for making me feel more positive about the situation. Fingers crossed it all comes right for me. Thanks Carl x

Carl From On 06/09/2016

A really down to earth and relaxed reading, so easy to talk to. Such a lovely person. An extremely kind and compassionate lady who gives so much if herself and you just know it comes from her heart. A real willingness to listen and help. She gave me clarity and hope at a time when things were getting on top of me. I will be recommending her. Thank you so much Dainelle.

Geraldine From Northern Ireland On 05/09/2016

Connected straight away amazing

I have been using this line for years and I have never had a such aamazing reading. I love this reader.

Alistai From Cardiff On 30/07/2016

Lovely lady

Lovely lady, picked up on a lot of my issues. We connected right away. Thank you so much for everything!!!! From :- Avnisirpal from the West Midlands.....Talk to you ....ONE IN A MILLION!!!!

Avni From W.Midlands On 26/05/2016

Quick reading

Lovely chat lovely reader , wasn't first choice but glad I got throu to her now ! Said I'd ave a reaction to a text n Wen looked I ad ! Thank u def talk again x if ur not too busy x

Carol From Uk On 08/02/2016

Incredibly truthful and direct

If you need no nonsense answers that get to the route of your problems, Danielle is the reader for you. She cut to the chase in a very kind and caring way. She understood my predicament and her answers were incredible. Thank you Danielle, keep up the good work.

G. Sharlow From London On 30/11/-0001

Answers I Needed

I rang Danielle when I was in a bad way. I was going through the last stages of my divorce and I felt so depressed and down. I had no confidence left at all. Danielle picked me up with kind and caring guidance. She had the answers I needed to turn my life around. I am now on the road to happiness again thanks to Danielle.

Yvette White From Edinburgh On 30/11/-0001

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