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Hello, I am a Spirit guided trained healer offering psychic and medium readings for anyone who needs insight or divine clarity on a situation that they may be facing. Let me help you to find the key. I work with dreams, my psychic ability, my guides and Astrology. I have had my gifts since birth and in my adult years and used them to assist many different people. PIN: 1636



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Had a reading which bliss said a few things which others have said. I would not say she is rude it’s the way she speaks but she does see what I already knew

Kamari From Kent On 30/01/2021

Soul mate

Knew m'y soul mate was close n'y Amazed

Jojo From America On 15/01/2021

Savez me

I am do blessés to have Come across Bliss, Savez me, in Manu ways Helping me Putting me on m'y right PATH ❣️

Mo From Austrailer On 15/01/2021

Trutful Reading thankyou for mailing me waie UP, as m'y eyes was closed

From On 15/01/2021


Picked up on a lot of stuff, which all knitted together like a giant blanket, a blanket of healing and insight, made me feel so happy by the close of the call, where prior my heart was breaking. A+

Rachel From London On 13/12/2020

She didn’t have sufficient enough specifics to make it certain she had a psychic link. You don’t give supposedly psychic predictions nor supposedly psychic comments regarding a third parties feelings and future actions without first providing the caller with specifics they know to be true so as to make it a hundred percent certain you have a psychic link. Otherwise the accuracy of the future predictions and ‘psychic’ guidance you provide the caller is very questionable.

From On 13/12/2020

Had to hang up

Kept repeating the same thing, kept giving me advice, sorry had to hang up as my minutes were being wasted :(

From On 06/12/2020

She uses tarot cards!!

She doesn’t mention in her bio that she uses tarot cards which gives the impression she’s tool free which is not the case!! She was just repeating the same thing so ended the call

Marie From Kent On 13/11/2020

Honest reading

Thank you for your accurate reading, focussing on the importance of keeping my energy high to attract positive energy & outcomes. Very good

From On 01/11/2020


very rude

elle From On 24/10/2020


Bliss was psychic picked up on things very accurately most importantly she was a very strong counsellor and pulled me back telling me I need to stay calm and not let the negative energy get me down. She's spot on. I am feeling rejected gutted and thrown aside . She says I'm determined and will be able to get what I want. It's not the end yet

K From On 05/09/2020


She is fab, really accurate, and very kind. ring her! thank you xxx

yve From On 12/08/2020


Thank you Bliss for your lovely reading. I really appreciate your interpretation of the cards paired with your own wisdom, and I felt guided back onto the right track in my wobbly moment.

T From Aus On 19/07/2020

Kind & Sweet

I found her patient, kind and sweet and intuitively really good. Glad I spoke to her :)

Reviewer From US/UK On 24/04/2020


Spot on with many things, and very talented, also picked up on things others hadn’t. I Recommend

Mel From On 02/04/2020

Enjoyed my reading!!

Very good, down to earth and answered all my questions. Connects through mediumship and psychicly. I will call her again!

From On 23/02/2020


Very helpful would definitely use again thanks x

Laura From Scotland On 12/01/2020

Awesome Bliss!! 1636

From Australia On 29/11/2019

Confident but not accurate

Lovely lady but nothing came to pass as predicted

K From Oz On 21/11/2019


Just had a reading with Bliss and hung up due to her giving advise, and expressing her opinion when it was a mediumship reading that I was soley after. I didn't require any advise.

From On 04/10/2019

Well connected

Thank you - good validations, and hopefully accurate with prediction. Many thanks.

Libran From Oz On 31/08/2019

Amazing reading

She is one of the best readers on this site. After a terrible reader previous to her I could have cried but she gave me hope and not false hope. Was really spiritual and kind. She just knows her stuff. x

Anonymous From London On 30/08/2019


Thanks so much. so spot on. On of your predictions happened . i know all others will follow soon

RITA From ESSEX On 14/07/2019

On Point

Thanks for your expertise. You validated what I needed and already knew. Thanks AGAIN. I can sleep better having had this reading

Lex From Indiana On 09/06/2019


You put my heart at ease

R From On 19/01/2019


Thanks for a lovely reading. I have a lot of complications in my life and u picked up on them and I will wait for the others to happen as time goes by and will contact you again soon soon. Thanks again you only confirmed what I sensed all along x

Valerie From South Yorkshire On 19/11/2018


I spoke to bliss today and put the phone down on her. What she said about my work situation was spot on. I’m just in a miserable mood and just want to apologise .

Kay From London On 26/09/2018


Thank you Bliss for the fantastic reading. You are a very spiritual lady and very grounded. You brought me to understand a complicated love relationship and this has helped me more than you could imagine. I feel elared! I will call you back soon. A

A From France On 02/09/2018

Direct and positive reader

We got cut off before I could say thank you. Will call again.

Eve From London On 29/07/2018

Words cannot describe

Oh my darling you are preciously gifted and I loved ever bit of your reading as it gave me so much clarity and insight to the most in-depth questions that I didn’t even asked to be answered. Your gift is truely precious and amazing and I cannot wait to get another reading done from you as I believe and trust in your gift so much as it has helped me in so many ways that I cannot describe I cannot thank you enough sweetheart!!! Would recommend this sweet to anyone who wants questions answered about the future!!!!!!!

Destiny From Australia On 23/06/2018

spot on

Really helpful and insightful on situation thanks so much Bliss X

From UK On 26/05/2018

spot on

Very helpful and insightful - thanks so much X

From On 26/05/2018

spot on

she said im packing and gathering things, and asked me if im goin out for a trip. I didnt say anything about it yet, but she spotted it already that im goin for a holiday. she also predicted i got a man coming in and out of my life, and yes thats my current situation.. she is very positive and her vibes are great! love this reader! will give her a call again once all the readings come into fruition!

pamela From LONDON On 20/05/2018

Oh My!

I have had a rough couple of months and rang Trusted Psychics for a reading. My nominated reader was unavailable so I was put through to Bliss. Oh my goodness, she was just what I needed! What a talented reader. As I was talking to Bliss I immediately felt at peace even though there was all this turmoil still going on. She has helped me enormously and I cannot recommend Bliss highly enough. I am putting into practice what Bliss recommended.

Lynne From Kent On 06/05/2018

Absolutely amazing reading. Helped me realise stuff I didn’t know! Thank you so much ❤️

Molly From Wallasey On 15/04/2018


Have spoken to Bliss a few times now and she always asks about dreams and completely helped me understand a very powerful dream I had this week. So positive and inspiring and spot on in her reading! I will be back! xxx

B From USA On 14/04/2018


Thanks Bliss try what Spirit said..felt so right about us being in the Age of Pisces...really good read there and connection to spirit talk & light Bliss~☆

MAGGIE P From Runcorn UK On 11/04/2018

Interesting honest and accurate

I really enjoyed my reading with Bliss... She is spot on

Heidi From London On 04/04/2018


Lovely lady and very positive!

Maya From London On 01/04/2018

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