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Are you feeling stuck or lost? Do you need the answers to your most important questions? I'm Mandy a Clairvoyant Tarot card reader with years of experience. My mother and I have done back to back readings for different people from all over the UK and we've received some fantastic feedback. I am easy to talk to and I never judge someone's situation. I am a kind and friendly soul that loves to use her spiritual ability for everyone's greater good. PIN: 1591



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I have been talking to Mandy for about 5 weeks after my husband left. She is not just reassuring, honest and helpful, but she has given me several predictions weeks in advance that have been coming true recently when they seemed completely impossible and hopeless. I have consulted with many different psychics on here, and while they all give me generally the same reading, mandy seems the most accurate in terms of dates and how things will unfold. She is wonderful and I highly recommend her. X

Jackie From Suffolk On 04/02/2021


i had reading yesterday and you gave me 2 week guidance for a ex to come back in my life well it happened that evening he called me he drove down to see me and he told me the side i didnt want to hear also but i had to hear them to move on thank you i couldnt fault this lady shes amazing

From On 08/11/2020


Thank you so much Mandy for a lovely reading this evening, besides it being accurate it also gave alot of positive thought. Mandy is amazing and so real. Very genuine xx

Carrie From Kent On 31/10/2020


Cant understand all the 5 star reviews. She was totally off.

Chris From London On 25/10/2020

Not a good listener

Not a good listener. Kept saying « I agree » in response to questions which was super confusing. Like asking someone what’s the time and them responding « I agree ». Don’t recommend.

Donna From London On 25/10/2020


Rang off after very short time as From the word go She got it wrong about relationship and was then prompting for information. Much better readers on here!

A From York On 24/10/2020

She is lovely

Unfortunately we got cut offs but I really appreciated her reading. She is very kind, straight to the the point and really heard my concerns and made sure she gave me an in depth answer. She recognised the issue without me even having to mention it and seen it for what it is. I wished I could have had another minute or two to thank you for your insight and trusting in what you told me will come through.

Maia From London On 18/09/2020

Truly gifted

Had a great. Reading with Mandy the other night. She Is genuinely gifted, compassionate and Has empathy....I highly recommend her...

Vee From Australia On 25/08/2020


Tuned in immediately, she is genuine and lovely. Thank you Mandy xx

Georgina From Australia On 22/08/2020

Amazing reader always reassuring and helpful spot on about everything so far

Ree From Uk On 17/08/2020


This lady is the real thing I’ve had two readings with Mandy and both been consistent right up to the dates. Tells you how it is a beautiful soul give her a go

From On 12/08/2020


I was very anxious calling but Mandy was lovely very calming & gave me some good advice. She was very accurate and i will know by the end of the year if she was correct about my reading. Thank you

Dawn From Sydney On 01/08/2020

Very good

Mandy was so nice to talk to. She understood every thing and picked up on so much! Gave good and reassuring advice. Sorry we got cut off and thank you. X x x x

Joanna From Uk On 08/07/2020

Not sure

I’m not sure about this reader. She does pick up some things and she has said some consistent things over the few readings I’ve had with her, however some of what she said did not resonate with me

From On 04/07/2020

Very good

I spoke to Mandy and she was spot on with everything had so much going on in my mind and she just put everything in the right place ... so accurate and such a beautiful soul ... give her ago ... no nonsense with her she tells you how it is 5 stars def

Anna From Berks On 29/06/2020

Very clear reader

Thank you, Mandy was kind, honest with me. She got to the matter in hand and supported me

From On 21/06/2020

Missed the Target

Misinformation and a lot of babble. Missed the target by miles.

From On 17/06/2020

Amazing and absolutely lovely

Mandy is an amazing reader. Gave me an accurate in depth reading into a situation surrounding romance. Just so sorry I got cut off. xxxx

Carrie From Kent On 04/06/2020

Absolute gem

Absolutely excellent reader. Goes in to depth and leaves no stone unturned. Thank you so much. I will def be back. Sorry we got cut off xx

Emma From Scotland On 11/05/2020

Thank you

I don’t normal give reviews but my anxiety was sky high and I got through to Mandy, she knew my situation quickly and reassured me. Just hoping it comes to past her predictions thank you

From On 03/03/2020

Thank you

Thanks for your reading Mandy, so insightful, caring and lots of validations. Mandy is supportive, non judgemental and gives great advice. I'll be in touch once predictions come through. Love & Light

Nikki From UK On 19/01/2020

Really Good

Spoke to Mandy yesterday as I was worried about a travel situation. She told she felt that I would not have to folk out extra as the company said I would have to pay full cost due to someone pulling out at the last minute, also advised me to send an email the company. I did and they sorted it within any extra cost. Many thanks for your advice, this has saved me over a thousand pounds.

Ms C From London On 16/12/2019

Honest and helpful

Thank you for checking the situation and being honest about the current situation and future. I feel you picked up the current emotions and outlook accurately and also the future potential. Many thanks

Libran From Aus On 02/08/2019

Amazing Reading

Really good reading with a very quick connection and details. 5 stars ⭐️

Donna From London On 17/07/2019


Mandy is an amazing, very accurate in her readings.... I don’t normally leave reviews but everything she said about my situation was soo true.... her predictions (time frame) are the same as other top psychics.... go and give her a try! Thank you Mandy for an amazing reading.....

S From London On 22/06/2019


Contact did take place in the timeframe given by Mandy. My situation is so complex anything could have happened, its like Mandy actually knows this man personally that im enquiring about. She describes every facet of his situation and personality and predictions have come about, spot on xx

anon From UK On 31/05/2019

Cut off due to funds..always so kind and like talking to a great friend.So helpful and insightful.Peace.

From On 26/05/2019

Very good

My situation is complicated and Mandy described it perfectly, not in any general terms but specifics which meant something to me and proved to me that she is very gifted and genuine as a reader. Im impressed - Mandy gave me contact within the next 12 days so I will update. Thank you x

Anon From UK On 20/05/2019

Thank you.

Incredible insight. I’m grateful and comforted from CA.

From On 04/05/2019

Decent human

What an honest decent soul, Thank you for opening my eyes.

Raz From On 27/04/2019

Genuine open and helpful

Thank you for your insight. Greatly appreciated - looking forward to the new man but not looking forward to the choice... Thanks :)

Libran From Aus On 31/03/2019

Spot on!!

Give her a go very good and precise!!

Glen From Ireland On 21/03/2019

Not married

Hi, sorry ran out credit. Letting go i been practising.. and apart from affirmation and self love i no longer think about them at all as i am getting the mind set when it happens it happens and you know what my life going good at the moment i got more people coming around me at home and work. Its like people drawn to me and i laughing with these guys so much every day.. its great to be so happy again.. i am contented in my life and i know i wll hear . Keep you posted

LoA From Uk On 21/03/2019

She knows her stuff!!

Excellent reader, quite accurate and would recommend highly!! :-)

TB From Watford On 28/02/2019

This lovely lady is so worth talking to, not only is she amazingly accurate but such a nice person too! Thank you Mandy for your kind words xx

J From Liverpool On 23/01/2019

Opposite predictions to top readers. Time will tell. Will update review to let you know.

From On 20/01/2019

Lovely Down to Earth Lady

Thank you for your time this evening. You are a pleasure to talk to. Genuine lady..

Victoria From Oxfordshire On 16/01/2019

Very understanding

Had a good reading with Mandy. Very kind and understanding. A good reader too. Have to see if things materialise as she said. Felt better after speaking to her. C - E.London

From E. London On 06/01/2019

LOA Update

Hi Mandy, Thank you for being there, and aas you predicted back in Nov he would contact me to test the water and that i need to continue with LOA, trust it and believe, and he walked in to the place where i worked to see me, even callimg me 7 times before i picked up, my friend told me as you did. He testing the water and he told me about the new person because he wants to not appear bothered if i was to knock him back, i suppose to wait 2 weeks to months is nothing, as if i get fed up and move on he be destroyed... Thank you for the guidance xx

Mandy From Uk On 28/12/2018


Am in a real stuck situation. Mandy saw that straight away. She saw things that I didn't tell her and I look forward to what's to come. Thanks Mandy xx

LH From Essex On 22/12/2018

Blown Away

Absolutely brilliant. Honest and Accurate hit the nail on the bullet. she was able to see through my problem and was able to provide a solution. i will be back Dec End to let you know how things unfolded.

rose From london On 17/12/2018

Excellent reader

Mandy is the real deal, with genuine psychic ability. Tuned straight into my situation and picked up on all sorts of things with great accuracy. A lovely lady too - very easy to talk to and has an uplifting vibe.

Nick From Southampton On 08/12/2018

A lovely reader that validated my situation.

From On 04/12/2018

new year. new beginnings

you are an angel! very accurate and such a kind soul! thanks a lot! i am ready for my new life. can’t wait!

From On 02/12/2018

I needed the guidance to go forward with my live after a traumatic few months you helped me solve so much and looking forward to what lies ahead for me

Ellie From manchester On 29/11/2018


Thank you.... Thank you..... Thank you..... Cut the wire of my phone as i said i would today new day Love and light x

Mandy From Uk On 20/11/2018

Lovely lady!

Beautiful spot on Thank you Mandy!

From On 16/11/2018

Spot on

From On 03/11/2018

Very good reader

From On 02/11/2018

Had a reading of Mandy what a lovely lady straight to the point would highly recommend her thank you

Pauline From On 29/10/2018

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