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I read Tarot, specifically the Thoth deck, using intuitive and empathic abilities. For many years, I’ve been cultivating my connection to the innate wisdom of the Universe. My relationship with the cards goes back over 25 years, and they’ve consistently been a wise and faithful guide. I have learned that everything is energy, and that our thoughts and beliefs attract the experiences we have. PIN: 1486



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

I will listen with compassion and without judging, and use feeling and imagination to explore your situation. I can interpret what the cards convey, and we can consider ways you might shift current circumstances and move towards greater balance. As you uncover your true Self, you can live more authentically, revealing hidden potential and your own unique path through Life.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I am willing to explore any area of Life. Everything is connected, the energies flowing through Creation endlessly exchanging and transforming. As much as my knowledge of Tarot may assist you, our sharing a particular moment also helps deepen my understanding, as I work to bring relief, comfort and empowerment wherever I can.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

Since early childhood, I have felt instinctively that there is more to Life than what we perceive through our physical senses. Always drawn to the spiritual and metaphysical, I had an instant affinity with the Thoth Tarot when I found them in my early twenties. For me, Tarot is not only about answering questions; it is practically a handbook for Life. I am continually developing, refining, as the adventure of existence endlessly unfolds, revealing new facets and layers, leading to greater awareness and appreciation. Happily, I’ve been able to devote myself ever more to the pursuit of my purpose, and love to share the sense of peace, security and joy that this brings me.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I have worked as a healer, channeling energy from Source, and in the voluntary sector, dealing with groups dedicated to promoting social inclusion. I understand we all come from different beginnings, and are travelling our own paths to a multiplicity of destinations. It is always a privilege to share part of another’s journey.

Read Our Most Recent Reviews Of Deborah...

Love her

Tune in very well spot on in my situation and very helpful with questions u had regards business and relationship thank you Deborah love and light to you sorry the minute gone when I ask on how to drawn in spiritual person in my life

Katerina From Wales On 11/07/2021

Very good reader

Just had a reading with Deborah and asked about a new relationship which she summarised and went into a lot of accurate detail with few prompts. Would recommend

Victoria From London On 15/11/2020

Helped so much

What a kind, caring, intelligent and insightful reader. She really helped me organise my thoughts and process a difficult time. I am very grateful to her and am sending her loads if positive energy in return.

Susan From Lincolnshire On 09/02/2020

Very detailed

Great reading. Would have given 5 stars but as future predications need to wait and see if they come true. She is very detailed giving timelines and descriptions.

LC From Edinburgh On 28/12/2019

Experienced and genuine reader

Thank you so much for going in quickly and answering my questions with explanations and detail. Love the idea of communication coming through within the next week or two with more developments early next year. Many, many thanks.

DCR From CT On 08/12/2019

She’s deep, gifted, smart and soulful

I had the most amazing reading with Deborah today. I’m so grateful!

A From UK On 12/08/2019

She’s deep, gifted, smart and soulful

I had the most amazing reading with Deborah today. I’m so grateful!

A From UK On 12/08/2019


Thanks Deborah...think with all cups and MAJOR card DEATH its over...narcissm hard to handle..keep you posted on 10th March...bless you hun..great read!!...

Jackie D From Burnley UK On 24/02/2019


Super reading, thankyou, put my mind at rest, really tuned in well, a lovely lady with a magical voice.

Jacqueline From UK On 05/01/2019


Amazing lady, Amazing Reader. Thank you very much for my reading.

C From England On 16/11/2018

She is Superb and so gentle

She is amazing , explains things in great detail and so concise n precise .. she is so calming a great pyschic ..she is so talented n gifted.. pleasure to speak to her.. made me so calm n relaxed... she explains things so smoothly and eloquently.. a delight to speak to u


always accurate

so today, you were the only reader who could READ. i am very grateful for your deep connection and understanding of my situation. you always make me smile and hopeful. i can already visualise next month :) i am sure i will finally get my wish. big thanks and big hug to you, deborah!

From On 23/06/2018

Positive, Optimistic Reading

Deborah, it's getting harder to get hold of you nowadays but the universe wanted me to believe and bring back positivity in my life again. Hence, that rare opportunity to connect with you. I'm always amazed and grateful at how accurate your readings are. Your kind, friendly yet professional manner makes you one of the top readers on here. Next week, I will let you know if he's done the deed. Love and light as always...

anon From anon On 27/05/2018


Had a top up.reading.. Deborah was consistent... Thanks for the positive reading.. you always tell it how it is ...

Tony j From Croydon On 17/03/2018

Thank you

Thank you for the lovely reading! Very accurate, straight to the point. Didn't ask questions and the information was flowing! Highly recommended! God bless you xx

From London On 17/03/2018

Brilliant. And honest

A++++++++ Brilliant

Tony j From Croydon On 11/03/2018

Lovely lady

She was so lovely and calm. I felt at ease listening to her reading. I asked for a general reading and all had connection to everything going on in my life atm and where I’d like to see myself in the future. Fingers crossed it all comes to pass. Thank you so much Deborah. Your a brilliant reader.

Kirsten From Australia On 02/03/2018


good connection. friendly, compassionate, non-judgemental and very accurate reading. i look forward to your prediction coming true. it was great to talk to you about the 'libran'man and if he'll ever gonna move in with me. i am truly grateful deborah.

From On 01/03/2018


I felt Deborah connected with the person and I felt encouraged by her explanation of the current situation.

Penelope From London On 04/02/2018

Predicitions came to pass x

thank you so much for my relationship predicitions, i believe i have finally found my soul mate, with great insight from Deborah

Marley From Braittree On 21/01/2018

Lovely reading

Such a lovely reading. Thank you for your guidance, it is much appreciated.

Katelyn From Australia On 30/12/2017

Lovely reading

Had a reading today with Deborah what a lovely person very relaxed reading no guess work from the heart thank you for making my reading special

Carol From Barnsley On 29/12/2017

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