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I have been reading the Tarot for many years, reading for people who live locally to me. I also have Psychic abilities that have been with me since I can remember. My whole family is very spiritual and have assisted me with my gifts. With the Tarot, the cards can show you the answers on Love, Relationships and family issues. With my Psychic abilities I can connect to you and provide insight. Call me for a reading and allow me to forecast or answer your questions today. PIN: 1394



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Absolutely amazing

From On 20/08/2020

Always speak to Elaine for truth

Ibe spoken to you for years now. You were the only one to tell me that my ex husband was up to no good. You always give it to me straight and are pretty bob on with what's going to happen too. Thanks Elaine for being honest and straight forward and telling things as they are. L

L From Essex On 20/03/2020

Honest and on the money

Thanks Elaine. Your honesty and accuracy are refreshing.

Lou From Essex On 06/09/2019

Asked for a general reading as I did not have any major problems, just wanted to see what was coming up and omg such a fuss. Ended up putting the phone down. Not good.

From On 29/11/2018

Wow Awesome

Sorry we got cut off,loved talking with you Elaine will call soon.

Carol From UK On 17/11/2017


Tune in very quickly and did not ask many questions very posive and reassuring

Linda From London On 17/09/2017

Unique reader - the real McCoy

A lovely lady who is a highly skilled psychic tarot card reader, very intune with her gifts and reading people, generally she knows what i want to ask he, what my feeling and problems are before i utter more than a couple words to her. A very gentle, soft approach.

Megan From Samlesbury On 21/08/2017

So i had a great reading with Elaine yesterday i couldn't get through today as i seen you was so busy just though id leave a little review to say thank you for all your help im much happier in my self and feel much more confident in finding my twin flame. Again thank you very much.xx would recommend 100%

From On 20/07/2017

Really nice woman

Very gentle woman perhaps a bit harsh the review below. I been calling Elaine for years and would like to say she is genuine and has predicted a house move and timed it. Donna.

Donna From North Yorkshire On 07/04/2017


the amount of kept repeating the same question and asking me questions. i'm the customer and you are the reader so stop asking questions. if you don't know then just say it instead of wasting my time

C From UK On 16/02/2017

I had a great heartfelt reading with Elaine. She was very upfront and honest and I appreciated her words.

Jackie From Australia On 29/12/2016

Excellent Advice

This lady really knows what she is talking about. She knew so many things about my life without me having to prompt her. My scepticism is a thing of the past after the advice and guidance she gave me. Thank you Elaine.

Duncan S From London On 30/11/-0001

The best on this site by far

Not great doing reviews just to say Elaine is honest, caring and very direct which is so very much appreciated and I would never call anyone else. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me you have changed my world. Blessings.

Shirley- ann From UK On 30/11/-0001

Positive Readings from a gifted real reader.

Top class reader who tuned into me straight away being so very easy to talk to about anything being really non-judgemental on some of the daft things I have done in my life. Excellent outcome on my relationship so this is definitely her area and even gave me a timeline of forthcoming events that have already started to come true. May god bless you Elaine.

Lisa Ann From Luton area On 30/11/-0001

Amazingly gifted lady

I had a bad period in my life and thought I would never be happy again. I got to the point where I thought I deserved to be walked over. My self confidence had been shattered and everyone around took advantage of my fragile frame of mind. After several sessions with Elaine and a couple of months later, I look back on that period with amazement, how did I let myself get so low and vulnerable? With Elaine's wisdom and caring nurturing, she helped me regain my inner strength and take back control of my life. I am ever indebted to you Elaine and you are a genuine ray of sunshine.

Jim T. From South Carolina On 30/11/-0001

A wonderful reading

One of the best tarot readings I have had to date. Her interpretation of the cards and how she read them for my life was quite incredible. Will be calling again.

Shanie From Cornwall, UK On 30/11/-0001

Beautiful and reassuring

Elaine was a wonderful reader. She was accurate, spot on and very quick to pick up on past present and future and spent some time also comforting me to realise my potential and how beautiful my future really is. Thank you for your motherly nature and warm kinds words

Margot From Sydney On 30/11/-0001

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