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I'm The Crystal child Child and I am a clairvoyant,clairsentience. I use many divination tools such as Tarot oracles. I am also a Reiki practitioner and crystal healer. I also deal with past life and past life regression. I have over 10 years experience and discovered my abilities through incredible experiences that brought me a long the path of spiritual enlightenment. PIN: 1324



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

Through ndes,( Near Death experiences )to OBES (Out of body experiences) past life readings and regression, getting in contact with loved ones, cleansing and clearing negative energies or just my knowledge and readings from LOVE , DESTINY , Revelations , Work - I can offer you a reading to sufficiently give you the answers to what you need to know.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I specialise in Past life. I specialise In synchronisation the powerful use of it and how you can open up your third eye to seeing what is around you and being open to messages. I specialise with use a lot divination tools to successfully receive your answers Tarot, oracles ,Pendulum.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I first became aware of my abilities weeks before my 17th birthday after a close friend passing and getting in contact with me , I had a lot experiences as a child being adopted at a young age led me into a Christian family when I was 17 I was old enough I gained professional help and insight from trained mediums , Trained Reiki Master that led me to travel and have great insight into the arts and crafts.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I am caring compassionate and driven and put my whole heart into things I fully believe in I do not give in , and I'm loyal to everyone I am respectful , encouraging and inspiring I believe in peace harmony, love, equality and freedom I hope from my reading you gain all that plus the answers you looking for.

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Vague and pointless

Gave a vague overview. Didn’t answer my question. Focused in irrelevant stuff got irate when I told her that she hadn’t answered my question

J From UK On 23/05/2021

Good Psychic

I feel Sherlene is very good and very intuitive. She picked up stuff absolutely spot on! Her healing guidance is amazing too. 4 stars because she did not understand a specific question I asked about my POI and instead kept giving me guidance for him (which I didn't request for) and wasted 5 minutes giving animal totem guidance for me and my POI (absolutely not required by me). I feel she kinda controls the call and to do this she ignores the question the caller is asking. That wasted my time. Otherwise she is a VERY good psychic.

Anuradha From UK On 23/05/2021

Not a good experience

I tried to add review for this reader but it never got uploaded. The reading I had with this lady was pretty disappointing. She was not listening and talking over me all the time. No connection and not even trying to connect.

From On 20/05/2021

Relationship reading didnt make sense

Phiwo From On 12/05/2021


Crystal child has a very unique ability and was able to look into my future and not only give me helpful information but reassurance that I would be gifted with great live and I've me characteristics of this person, since then that has indeed happened and also happy about understanding my past lives which were also indeed accurate thank you crystalchild and all the best! Amanda

Amanda From United kingdom On 04/09/2019


This is a mixed review as obviously this lady has a lot of divination tools at her disposal and the information she read out from these various tools did expand consciousness. However it was very matter of fact. A lot of information being shared quickly but a little absent of some much needed humanity. I called to ask about a relationship and was quite matter of factory told it would end which in all honesty was a bit of a shock and I think when that kind of information is delivered a little compassion is required. But it was matter of factly told and the reading continued. I would call for spiritual guidance and inspiration but not for a relationship reading.

Anonymous From On 28/08/2019


One of the best readers on this site. Very detailed reading,. No questions asked and picked up on everything. Absolute loved it.

Hans From Australia On 08/08/2019

So knowledgable!

Well! That was different! However, it enabled me to understand a lot more about me and my current circumstances x

Ronnie From BERKSHIRE On 01/08/2019

Very good

I really liked the reading with Crystal Child. She has a lot of wisdom, passed on valuable messages from my angels and predicted a lot of things for the near future. I highly recommend her. Speak soon Crystal Child and many thanks to you. Anne

Anne From France On 31/07/2019

Tarot reading but very accurate

Tarot reading but very accurate

From On 24/07/2019

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