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I have ten years experience reading in all different areas including love, life, employment, family, breakups and anything you wish to talk about. I can offer psychic advice, non judgemental readings and a listening ear for anything that may be troubling you. I promise that I will not rush you and that I am here for you. PIN: 1311



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Stopped using her, not got me

She's all over the place with her readings, never consistent and too judgemental. Won't be using her again!!

From On 17/03/2021


Brilliant psychic - knew everything & put my mind at rest - THANK YOU Taz worth at least 10 stars ⭐️ xx

Tina From On 02/03/2021

Wishy washy

Kept contradicting herself and left me completely confused. Nothing to show real psychic ability either

H From South east On 25/02/2021

Not sure

Taz picks up no doubt. But I totally agree with other reviews depending on the info you give she will completely change direction of the reading which makes her not authentic in the slightest

From On 19/02/2021

Not good

The first thing Taz said to me was the guy I was in love with had no intentions of ever reaching out to me again. Thankgod after months of separation she was wrong! He did reach out again. And things are developing quite well.

Chan From Australia On 01/02/2021

Great Reading

Straight to the point and clear and easy to understand what Taz is seeing. Thank you for yet another great reading.

Kay From Aus On 23/12/2020

Lovely Lady

Thankyou Taz you are so right . You have a beautiful energy xx J

J From Midlands On 17/12/2020

Beautiful and Amazing, True

To summarise....Taz has a true gift and is connected to Spirt and the Universe (I am I am)... Read on How to start this review... 3 years ago (25 Nov 17) my beautiful and amazing wife passed away, as you can all imagine everything was broken and nothing seemed to make sense anymore, just what is the purpose of this mortal life that we all live on this earthly plane. Today 12 Dec 17 is that day that she was cremated. On my wife's passing I contacted Taz. All I can say is that she is true professional in what she delivers. Taz is truly connected to the spirit world and the Universe (I am I am). Taz immediately picked up on my, situation, some of you may say..."that's probably because of the way your voice sounded on the telephone or whatever communication device you were using" Well I can assure you and tell you that was not the case, I didn't have to utter many words, she knew it all, not just my wife's passing but what had happened in months before my wife's passing, she described my wife in exact detail. The Universe (I am I am) has blessed Taz with this amazing and beautiful gift to communicate with spirit (some call it curse), but what ever, Taz is connected. My wife connected with Taz, and she described my Angel in great detail and even how she had passed and the events. My wife is still connected to Taz many years on, and will talk to this amazing lady. My wife was also connected to the Universe (I am I am). Whilst my wife was alive I experienced and saw many unexplainable and events. I still do call Taz for advice and guidance. Recently over these few weeks I have sought advice and guidance, again Taz connected with my situation. We have spoken for long periods of time, not just as a professional but as you would as a friend. I read on here some of you do not like attitude, that is shame. We all call here for a reason, most of want the answers, when we are lost or low we sometimes want a positive and uplifting answer, unfortunately life is not like this. So if everything feels negative, please I ask you to listen,,, she is to the point, she is not judgmentally but passes on what spirit is saying to her, so please listen. I spoke the other day and she told me that certain person would contact a around a specific time.. this person did contact me.., not exactly at the time but and hour later.. so all the non believers explain this... To summarise....Taz has a true gift and is connected to Spirt and the Universe (I am I am). She will tell you as it is and will tell you the future, even the past if you want to go there. She Knows all... Many Many blessings to Taz, God Bless you and the Universe blesses you.

Simon From Oman On 12/12/2020


Thank you Taz a great and accurate reading

Jackie From SA On 04/12/2020

Wow but

Spoke to Taz 3 times kept mentioning the name David on three readings and on my friends? How ever she picked up some amazing details on my father who is in spirit and some men predictions came true I’m little mixed as very very detailed free style

Herts girl From Herts On 18/11/2020

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