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I am a medium and Angel card reader and also a Spiritual Healer. I have experience in reading for all kinds of people needing assistance along their paths in life. I will help with a loving message from a loved one, or, a compassionate Angel message through the cards. I like to work direct with spirit and gain confirmation for you. PIN: 1296



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Would have liked more details

Paul From Leicester On 16/06/2022

Crazy good psychic

Predicted the return of 2 guys I’d dated in short space of each other. Predicted both would return in March and they did! This was impossible for her to pick up on if she didn’t have a psychic link as these two guys are the only ones I had dated in years!! I only called about one of them but Della was quick to pick up that the other one from not long before would be returning also. Hats off to Della, I will have to get in touch again soon xx

R From NI On 15/06/2022

Truly fantastic to speak to

Thank you Della for digging deep and sharing thoughts which helped to clarify the situation. I appreciate your advice and guidance.

Libran 387 From Oz On 14/06/2022


Thank you so much for your reading. I understand I was angry in that reading (no fault of your own) and I threw questions at you constantly. But you stayed calm and you answered every single question with clarity. Thank you so much , you have a true genuine gift xx

C From West Midlands On 07/05/2022


Sorry we got cut off Della. Lovely lady and a very good reading. Totally put my mind at ease with my situation. Hopefully her predictions come to fruition.

Wendy From UK On 30/03/2022


Sorry we cut off Della. You're amazing! This lady is intuitive beyond belief. Straight to the point, kind and compassionate. First reader on this site I'd actually go back to. Will definitely call Della again

Kristy From Leeds On 16/01/2022


Direct and to the point. A very clear and concise reading with no waffle. Will definitely phone her again.

Loveshy From London On 19/12/2021


Thank you for beautiful reading Della. God bless you. Mae 16/12/2021. Xx

Mae From New Forest On 16/12/2021


Since I spoke to u a while back I haven't been able to get backnin touch with u ur always busy I really need talk to u what do I do

Louise From Derby On 15/12/2021

Diolch Thanks

Many thanks Della for the reading. Unbelievable what you were able to give me from spirit. Spot on as usual. Breath of fresh air. Speak to you soon.

Ann From Wales On 14/11/2021


So accurate. I m honestly taken back. Fantastic!

Deb From ESSEX On 03/11/2021

Wow there are no words. This lady is amazing, accurate and just brilliant.

Deb From ESSEX On 03/11/2021


This lady changed my whole views on afterlife she's amazing she connected to my mum janet who recently passed and i was not in a good say but oh my goodness I felt like I was having coffee morning with both my mum and della I've not laughed like that since before my mum passed so thank you so much della can't wait for next session she knew things nobody else possibly cud know she's so accurate and spot on 100% 5 stars I wud give u more if more were available please please ring della she will change ur life I promise you wow thank u

Louise From Derby On 28/09/2021


Wow is all I can say . Della mentioned the persons initial and explained them and my sis tuition to a T. She has a lovely way of putting things that made me laugh and connect with . Amazing and thank you x

D From Uk On 20/09/2021


You have really took my breath away infeel like a new person getting to speak with my mum thank you so much

Louise From Derby On 26/08/2021


Wow awesome reading with the lovely Della. You were spot on with the POI. This lovely lady read like she has known all my life, everything she said was spot on and I was blown away. Guys have a reading for yourselves and you will see what am talking about. Thank you so much for such a positive reading. Xx

Mae From New Forest On 09/06/2021


This lady is amazing. First time I've ever spoken to her. I asked her to tune into a female and a male, gave her their names only and she was spot on,gave me predictions of what would happen with the male. Will definitely be calling her again in the future.

Linda From London On 31/05/2021


Thank you Della, so,so glad I spoke to you. You saw my situation straight away and tuned in amazingly. I feel like a prayer was answered. Will keep in touch. I feel so blessed . Thank you so much and bless you xx

TG From UK On 19/03/2021


So sorry Delia, was busy talking to you and the phone just cut off, I did try to get back in contact but you were already busy. Thank you do much for the lovely reading about my POI, you were spot on and I agree, need to be patient. Look forward to seeing what happens in the next few months

Carrie From On 05/02/2021

Not for me

Sorry, nothing said resonated, didn't get the my circumstances at all

OG From On 05/02/2021

Spot On - As Always!

I have had readings with Della regularly for a few years and she tunes into situations and can describe my feelings at the current time. Would definitely recommend!!

Diane From Carmarthenshire On 31/01/2021

Spoke with her last Saturday she was brilliant spot on

Sheilai From Liverpool On 31/01/2021

Very Good, Very Accurate

I’ve had a few readings with Della and each time she has tuned into the situation, giving validations and sound guidance along the way. She is always so kind and friendly and recently helped me through a really difficult and upsetting time which was totally out of my control. Any question I’ve had, have been answered with integrity. Della has been accurate, telling me things that I may not have been able to verify at the time but to find out later, she was right. She has given me predictions that have happened and she will always try and leave you feeling lighter than when you first came in. Thank you Della, I look forward to speaking with you again.

L From London On 30/01/2021

What a fantastic amazing person

Just spoke to della, what a lovely lady, connected instantly and described my situation exactly, I have tried to get hold of della for a while but she is hard to get hold of, I now know why, described things accurately without me saying a word thankyou so much for your insight, guidance and reassurance I will update you when things unfold

Katherine From Scotland On 23/01/2021

Predictions materialized

Havent spoken to you for a while Della. As you predicted David came into my life lives locally to me. Thanks for that. You are an Ace. Diolch.

Ann From On 17/11/2020

Don’t get the hype

Her reading was quite negative but she was confident in what she said. I disagreed with her but she kept going with her ideas. Prediction didn’t happen the way she said (and I told her I just don’t believe this is how it’s gonna be anyway). I think we didn’t have any connection

R From London On 06/11/2020


Always love talking to Della. Very accurate and my regular go to reader.

Mary From Sheffield On 12/08/2020

Amazing reader !

Understood situations. No prompting. Predictions came true! Definitely recommend

Jasmine From UK On 27/07/2020

Absolutely Lovely

So sorry for getting cut off Della, I could have spoken to you for ages. Thank you so much for a very accurate and inspiring reading. A lot if positive things to think about. Also understanding what my POI is going through at the current time xx Again, you are amazing and Thank you

Carrie From Kent On 20/07/2020

Daring and Honest

Very lovely lady- could have talked to her all night. She picked up an issue which I gave little info on. She was a kind lady.

J From Midlands On 15/06/2020

I think Della is actually pretty good. She picked up a lot of details that are pretty accurate and realistic. Thank you.

From On 12/06/2020

I read with Della twice. In the first read she picked up my POI is moving house and when I contacted my POI afterwards, he said he finally moved. On the 2nd read, she picked up the details of my POI correctly. However she said we never had constant daily contact, which was off. But otherwise, Della is actually pretty good at picking up details more than anyone. I will be back. Thank you.

From On 11/06/2020


Had many readings with Della. Always picks up on situation straight away. Last time we spoke it was rheumatic fever(disability). Speak to you soon. Diolch.

ann From On 08/06/2020

Absolutely Amazing!!!

She tuned into my situation straight away and was able to give validations and a true understanding to what was going on for me and my POI. She was able to pick up on personalities and past, present and possible future outcomes. Highly intuitive, with a kind mindful way of addressing some things that may be challenging. Worth 10 stars. I will definitely be calling again xx Thank you so much Della, you are amazing xxx

S. From London, England On 05/06/2020

Wonderful communicator

Clear, accurate and enjoyable consultation. Definitely recommend this lovely, intelligent lady for your reading.

Rosemary From Scotland On 05/06/2020

Powerful Reading

I am grateful for your help. Fast at picking up, answered questions, intuitive and clear guidance, picking up personalities and details of events to come. Thank you for giving me hope.

Usha From London On 14/05/2020

Wonderful Accurate Reader

Della was amazingly accurate in describing the person I was asking about, it felt like she had met them. I enjoyed the reading very much and would highly recommend Della. Call her, you won't be sorry.

Mel From London On 07/05/2020


had to write this review from a reader myself. della is spot on. gave names of people. connected to my gran. spot on with information and predictions

redfox From west miss On 28/04/2020

Thankyou ☀️

Good reading

P☀️ From Bedfordshire On 18/04/2020


Had a reading with Della on Saturday and she was amazing. She tuned in so accurately and got everything correct. Saying very specific things without myself giving her much insight. Thanks Della and god bless you. Anyone else.. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPINTED!

N/a From On 22/03/2020


Wow. Connected to my situation immediately, very good description of what is going on without any prompting, excellent reading. One of the best here

From On 08/03/2020

She just knows

She picked up my situation straight away without any questions. Answered my questions confidently! Lovely lady

From On 23/02/2020

Sorry maybe I caught her on a bad day? Nothing resonated

From On 30/12/2019


It was so nice to speak to you earlier. As usual you picked up on my current issues and also the future. Many thanks Della. Speak to you soon.

ann From On 29/12/2019


Incredible reading helped me with my relationship, now I know which way it’s goimg , all positive. She knew things she couldn’t have so has genuine ability , she picked up on my Dad’s spirit , described him exactly and that gave me peace

From On 19/12/2019

Amazing reading! Spot on!

Della was a true delight to listen to and speak to. I was amazed as to how spot on she was! She picked up on things I could not image she could! Amazing reading, gave me a clearer sense of direction in my life. Thoroughly enjoyed!

Susan From London On 13/10/2019

Bang on

Picked up on everything!!! Really amazing!!!

Lisa From Aus On 27/09/2019

Very Helpful and Accurate

Della gave me a lot of validations very quickly and was very helpful in making me feel more at ease with some spirits I have sensed recently. Della gave me advice on how to close my chakras and try to limit their contact with me (my choice) and was very down to earth and easy to talk to. Her predictions and validations made sense and I will look forward to speaking to her again in future

Leah From UK On 23/09/2019

Absolutely awesome

Just spoken to Della, do not miss on an opportunity to speak this lady she is genuine and goes to the core of your concerns. Thank you Della your such an amazing compassionate humble reader. Love

Sam From Cheshire On 16/09/2019

Amazing totally amazing with so much warmth

Just had a reading from della, I was a but sceptical at first but as soon as she started talking everything she said was more than I expected. Straight into bringing my nan and grandad to me, explained them, then went on to say about my present situations which was spot on and gave advice. My nan come through and explained my kitchen, where things was and even the colours. I needed some comfort in life and I've had more than I could ask for. What a fabulous lovely lady and will be in touch soon. Thank you so much xxxx

Hayley From Llandovery On 21/07/2019

Welsh wonder

Lovely talking to Della a fellow Welshy. What a fantastic medium. I rang about a relationship issue and left with a big smile after Della connected with my parents. We got cut off but the shiny shoes were his doc Martin's that I now wear but had to put insoles in as they were a bit big lol. Della you made my evening, thank you so much x

Kerry From Cardiff On 15/07/2019

predictions end 2018

you predicted man into my life this yr you gave the village name which you were correct and the nationality. wish you would come on line again

ann From On 04/06/2019


This woman is very, very good. Down to earth, clear and accurate, straightforward, intuitive and focused.

From On 21/01/2019

This Lady is Amazing

Just got of the phone with Della and this reading was so accurate she was able to tell me conversations that had happened earlier in the day. Health issues home life and all was accurate. Give this lady a call you will not be disappointed. FIrst class and so nice as well.

Lynn From United kindgom On 07/01/2019

Thank you so much!!

Della, Thank you so very much for my reading tonight. You were absolutely on point with my loved ones past and those who are still living. At some points i felt like you had been around me earlier today and heard conversations id had then relayed them to me over the phone! You are a truly lovely and gifted lady, I look forward to speaking to you again some time in the future. Blessings to you xx

Krissie From London On 17/12/2018

Blew my mind

Della was amazing I just got off the phone to her! So honest and intuitive biggest wow moment was when Della spoke and described a photograph that the person in question had sent me without prompt or hints.Della is calming,loving and I can't wait to call her again for an update

CC From London On 18/10/2018

Excellent spiritual reading

Clear and accurate so comforting that my partner will call for his reading with you .

Hayley From Brighton On 24/06/2018


Absolutely Amazing thank you xx

Hayley From London On 24/06/2018

Great insight

Good clear and concise reading. Much appreciated.

L From Perth On 01/04/2018


Excellent reading. Reassured me I had done the right thing and believe in myself. Good advice about job and relationship situation.

Lady who resigned from job From Australia On 18/03/2018


As ever Della was spot on in everything she said. She offers great insight to the possible outcome and sound advice. I love this lady's readings. She has an amazing talent that will blow you away.. Give her a call.. I will be sure to in the future .. Thanks Della x

Sandra From UK On 04/02/2018


Great insight, connected immediately and gave great detail on a number of different areas. Thank you for the reading.

P From London On 11/01/2018

Great reading

Thank you very much, Della, for the reading you gave me. I have never particularly enjoyed tarot readings as i feel they tend to be quite generic but you changed my mind on that!!! Your reading was very uplifting & touched on a lot of positivity that i hope and pray will manifest itself soon just as you have predicted. Looking forward to updating you in the next few months, all being well. Take care.

Jaye From Buckinghamshire On 07/01/2018

Very Kind, Gentle & Sweet

I had a reading with Della, she is very kind and lovely to talk to. She was very accurate with my reading as to what is happening around me right now. She did give me what she saw would happen over the next couple of months so we will wait and see. She asked that I call her back to give her an update. I would recommend a reading with Della.

T From Australia On 06/01/2018

Tnanks for a lovely reading

Thank you Della for the positive insight and advice. My credits run out and that's wahy we suddendly were cut off. Thanks again and blessings!

Ana From London On 12/12/2017


Had a reading with this lovely lady tonight, she was brilliant. Was spot on with details and descriptions. Solid accurate reader. Hope the predictions unfold the way they have been described. Thank you Della for your excellent reading tonight and your insight and advice. Will be back to update in the months to come and will definitely try to find a better work life balance and take some time out for me! Thanks so much x

Workaholic! From On 07/12/2017

Amaze balls !!!!! 1000% great reader great person would defo recommend

I had a reading with Della last night and have to admit she blew me away with her accuracy and insight into my situation. She knew everything about what was going on between me and a guy without any prompting .i. Could have talked to her all night such a lovely soothing way about her. She is very straight down the line and tells it how it is.. So even though I heard what I wanted to hear regarding this situation she made me realise that things had to change dramatically for us to move into a healthy relationship... I have been told Wednesday... I will hear from him so will update then to let u know if predictions come true.. Very happy customer thank u so much Della talk soon xxxx

Karen From Belfast On 03/12/2017

Very good

Really good connection, spot on with everything. Would reccomend

Sandra From Cheshire On 02/10/2017

Thank spot on

Thank you Della sorry the call cut off. You were so insightful lovely speaking to you. I apppreicate everything you said. I look forward to my predition coming through.

Carol From UK On 13/09/2017

Spot on

Della was amazing! She very accurately read into a situation where the person I was waiting on was preoccupied with his daughter as she was giving him problems. Della identified this correctly!

Anon From London On 22/08/2017

Prediction happened

Hello Della, Just some feed back you did a reading for me this morning you told me I was good to receive some recognition for my work...couldnt believe when I received that recognition this afternoon....amazing. Will keep you informed when your another prediction come to pass...Thank you

Jackie From Australia On 16/08/2017

thank you

thank you so much della I'm ever so grateful for you sending me healing for my broken heart and letting my release my past pains. you were very accurate with your reading and I'm so grateful I was put through to speak to you. I will do my best to maintain my strength. thank you so much.

r From location On 07/08/2017

Thank you!

She connected to my situation right away. Honestly I think she's the only one who has been most accurate. I hope that everything you said comes to pass. Thank you for an amazing reading.

AA From NYC On 23/07/2017

Very Connected

Picked up details that were spot on. Great reading!

B From USA On 12/07/2017

Very well connected and helpful

This is my second or third chat with Della. Previously, I remembered her to be well connected and accurate, and found it to be so this time. Thank you for the wise words, which may not be what I would have liked to hear, but to the point and better for my future in the long run. You have been a terrific help. Really appreciated the genuine and honest talk. Thank you!

Lynda From Perth On 18/06/2017

Not for me

Asked a lot of questions, and then made a wrong assumption. Why do psychics fall into this trap? If they just relied on their ability, they'd get things right. I could not proceed further after this.

From On 24/04/2017


Della is a great reader- highly recommend. Very accurate, kind and accurate in her insight-really had a great sense of me and a person that I had asked about..I'm very excited about the predication coming with job and love..Thanks! :)

Debbie From NY On 09/04/2017

No chance

Not a chance two completly different readings ...sorry guys

Pauline From Scotland On 26/03/2017


She is very accurate and soothing.. does her job really welll.. highly recommended


Classy and elegant !

She is very talented and highly skillfull .. highly recommended



Della was quite specific with certain details which was amazing. Her understanding of both work and relationship was fantastic - I am not sure about timelines but that can always be a bit hit or miss so we will see. Really great to speak with Della.

J From Australia On 26/02/2017


What a lovely lady Della is and she is spot on. Would not hesitate to return for another reading. xxx

From Scotland On 05/02/2017

Medium experience

Lovely compassionate reader, my Grandmother came through. I felt the urge to place my left hand on my shoulder, and she said just after I did, your Grandmother is touching your shoulder, your left one. She even knew that I eat with a teaspoon.. I knew straight away she had a real gift.

Linda From London On 30/01/2017

Amazing Lady

Never spoken to Della before but found her so accurate and compassionate to my situation. I will call again xx

Scott Conroy From Nottingham On 09/01/2017


Thank you so much Della. You are amazing lady with an amazing gift. You brought me so much comfort knowing that my past relatives are around me. I have never had such an accurate reading. God Bless you. xxx

cher From london On 08/01/2017


Della is a truly compassionate lady with a beautiful voice. She got to the root of my problem straight away. She is very insightful and gave me a lot of detailed information. She helped me to understand my current situation and provided reassurance and positivity regarding my future. She also gave me advice on spiritual growth and insight. When I began the call, I felt very tired and low in energy but by the time it ended I felt empowered and motivated. I think I have found the perfect reader. Thank you so much Della

Karen From London On 30/12/2016


Della is a really easy person to talk to and I was really pleased with the service she provided. She was very accurate with her reading as was also able to provide me with positive suggestions in regards to my spiritual journey which I truly appreciated.

Jess From London On 22/12/2016


amazing woman. so accurate and 100% true. never experienced a reading like it. the information given was spot on. thank you xxx

emma From wales On 30/11/2016

Spot on

lovely reading spot on new told me things i was not expecting. My fav will be calling again soon. Thank you x

Chantell From London On 22/11/2016

lovely lady

Della is and excellent and genuie reader. Everything she said was spot on. She made me feel so relaxed she is so wonderful. Thnk you Della I hope to call you again soon. Do give her a call you won't be disappointed

Carol From london On 06/11/2016


Knew everything, confirmed who i wanted to speak to. came through and was very accurate. lovely lady with great re assurance, amazing

A From London On 10/10/2016

Very reassuring

What a lovely lady....very accurate and kind. I feel very reassured after feeling quite upset... Thank you Della....

Eve From Yorkshire On 08/09/2016

The real deal

Della is spot on and can pick up on many situations at the same time with very little prompting. Highly recommended

Anya From London On 02/09/2016

Very nice lady who gave lots of information in 20 minutes.

Jenny From On 05/08/2016


Della is quick, to the point and uncanningly accurate. Will call again.

M From Melbourne On 21/07/2016

Excellent accurate and concise

Have now spoken to Della a couple of times and as I have said above she is excellent, concise and accurate. Della askes for topic and then information flows. Spot on re my seeking career change and going back to education and I never said a word ! Described possible new relationship and provided timeframe. Very hard to get hold of as she is so in demand but worth persevering. Thanks Della will call again x

Ann From Glasgow On 01/06/2016


thank you so much ,very helpful good clairvoyant will definitely use della again

laura From scotland On 22/05/2016

Absolutely spot on

Thank you for the reading last night, everything you said was spot on, will definitely be calling you again. 10/10. Thank you

N From Uk On 15/05/2016

very good

Thanks Della, I marvel at how in only 20 minutes you got to the root of things, answered lots of questions and gave me reasons and ways to feel more confident. Listening to you left me feeling happier and less worried so thank you very much.

sarah From london On 03/05/2016

Brilliant as always!

Another accurate, honest and insightful Reading! Della offered invaluable advice and guidance relevant to my personal situation.

Anna From London On 08/04/2016

Lovely and Insightful

My reading with Della was intuitive and specific to my life, I would definitely call again.

Shola From Lancashire On 01/04/2016


This is the best reading I have ever had and believe me I have had a few. Della is so easy to talk to but to be honest u will be sat in amazement thinking how she knows the finer details of your life. She had me and everyone close to me 2 a T. Came away from the call with 5 sheets of paper and can relate to every word I wrote, just brilliant I will contact u sooner then 6 months and enlighten u on the sleeping new Mr and the start of my new chapter. Thank you so much xx

Sarah From Newcastle On 31/03/2016

Excellent 1st Class Reading!

Wow! Della is Amazing! She zeroed straight into my situation without me giving her any prior information. She even described my mum who had recently passed again without any information from me. Della does not sugar coats she tells it as she sees it. She is very, empathetic, honest and accurate. She gave me a lot of in depth clarity and insight. The Reading was worth every penny. I rang feeling lost and trouble but, after I spoke to Della my mood has lifted and I was happy and contented. Give Della a ring you will not be disappointed.

Anna Hylton From London UK On 23/03/2016

Excellent Reading! Prepare to be Amazed!

Wow! Della is Amazing! She zeroed straight into my situation without me giving her any prior information. She even described my mum who had recently passed again without any information from me. Della does not sugar coats she tells it as she sees it. She is very, empathetic, honest and accurate. She gave me a lot of in depth clarity and insight. The Reading was worth every penny. I rang feeling lost and trouble but, after I spoke to Della my mood has lifted and I was happy and contented. Give Della a ring you will not be disappointed.

Anna From London On 21/03/2016

Excellent Reading! Prepare to be Amazed!

Wow! Della is Amazing! She zeroed straight into my situation without me giving her any prior information. She even described my mum who had recently passed again without any information from me. Della does not sugar coats she tells it as she sees it. She is very, empathetic, honest and accurate. She gave me a lot of in depth clarity and insight. The Reading was worth every penny. I rang feeling lost and trouble but, after I spoke to Della my mood has lifted and I was happy and contented. Give Della a ring you will not be disappointed.

Anna From London On 21/03/2016

100% accurate reading

Excellent reading from Dell today, I could relate to every single thing she told me. Very nice lady who I will definitely be contacting again. Highly recommend a reading with Della

elaine From n. ireland On 12/03/2016

Healing Reading

I found this to be a very healing experience. Della accurately understood deeply emotional issues regarding my situation. Speaking and listening to Della has truly helped me. Some area of emotional sadness still remains with me following the incidents of the past 18 months and Della helped to put all that into perspective, giving me pointers as to how to deal with the next stage. Thank you Della, thank you from my whole being.

Julie Anne From Lancashire On 12/02/2016

Brilliant Reading

I am so pleased to have had a reading from her. She clarified many things I was unsure of. Spot on to the T on so many aspects of my life she couldn't have known. You really are a blessing. I know it was money well spent. X

Cher From BUCKINHAMSHIRE On 03/02/2016

Accurate reading

How lovely to have a reading from this lovely lady! She connected with a friend of mine who had passed, described him to a T, and put my mind at rest. The whole reading was a refreshing experience. Thanks Della :)

Georgie From Australia On 03/02/2016

Lovely Reading

Dells is a very warm reader, absolutely lovely to talk to. Her insight into my current situation was spot on and she was able to provide answers to my questions. Gave me quite a lot to think about. Will definitely be back in touch. Thank you Della xx

Kim From UK On 30/01/2016

1296 reader

Great reading. Honest and kind. Explained reading in an easy manner. Really cleared me of any uncertainty in my life. She was a lovely person and her caring nature shined through. Thank you judy

judy From perth On 29/01/2016


Described the original person I was asking about to a tee! Thank you :)

Cee From London On 21/01/2016


A thoroughly insightful reading. A lovely lovely lady. Completely spot on about the past band present. If money had been no object I would have continued the reading. Thank you x

Julie From Wales On 21/01/2016

Insightful & Accurate

Thank you Della! I've had several readings from this team of psychics and I found Della to be one of the most accurate. She did not need to be guided by any pre-selected questions. She did not speak on what she thought I wanted to hear. Her reading was based on spiritual insight and feelings. Della gave me a spiritually guided reading of my current situation and how to handle it. She also provided insight on how to manifest happiness and personal spiritual awareness. I look forward to speaking with Della again; felt as though I was talking with my best friend. Thanks again Della!!!

Aleshia From United States On 19/01/2016

Very good

Very precise and accurate reading, compassionate and kind person.

Caro From UK On 13/01/2016

Amazing!! A hundred stars ????!!

Accurate. Kind. Reassuring. Xxxx

Deb From Alice Springs On 10/01/2016

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