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I was awakened over twenty years ago and in the time since, I have learned many skills and abilities to bring spiritual light to others. I have read tarot for over 22 years and I have been able to offer mediumship to others for 20 years. I had my healing abilities awakened and taught to me by my guide. I am able to give readings that allow others to heal, the words I use and the tone of my voice often brings clarity and peace to my clients without me realising. PIN: 1293



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

I am very empathic and I will offer you the chance to glimpse into your situation to provide understanding. During your reading I will look into your situation and we can discuss various energetic options to give you a deeper understanding of the path you want to choose for your future. Insight from spirit and angelic guides should allow you to feel empowered and confident going forward. I can offer you the chance to focus your energy and to realign yourself to your true soul path. What I mean by this is life can become littered with stress and worry. I know from my own experience that everyone of us has a preferred path in life that is often ignored as we try to manage everyday issues. I hope to give you a chance to relax and focus on you and your energy for the time we are reading.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I work with tarot, crystals, oracle cards, spirit and angels. I try to be adaptable because the reading depends on the client, but overall I use these methods to ensure you get all the messages spirit want you to know. I am a twin flame so my areas of expertise are love and relationship readings. I am ridiculously romantic and I want to see everyone loved up and in the right relationship for them. I have been through negative relationships, as we all have, and this allows me to relate to your situation, whatever that may be. I can also do general readings, long term readings and career readings. I can assist you with any situation. I am excellent at dream interpretation. It is not a skill I expected to develop (I haven't even tried to develop it) but if you have a reoccurring dream and want to talk about it, I'm very confident I can assist you! Try me!


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I wasn't at all aware of any ability I had when I was younger. My great grandma had passed and she came to see me, nightly, golden and smiling to, "take me to my dreams" I was about five or six. I thought that happened for everyone. It was only when I got older and spoke to others about it I realised I was in someway gifted. My dreams started to be highly predictive when I was a teenager. There is a line of fortune tellers in my family but that knowledge was hidden from me. Fate or chance landed a pack of tarot cards on a table when I really needed them and the rest is history. I devoured any information on anything spiritual or new age then - and I'm the same now. I read for anyone who would listen to me and practised until my third eye hurt - and I'm the same now. Currently, dreams have started predicting what will happen in the next day. I've been very encouraged by the beginning of the Age of Aquarius and I am keen to see how we will evolve into one on the planet in the future. My spiritual pursuits recently have led me to be very interested in soul refragmentation, (not a service I offer) and healing the energy of the land, stone circles and ley lines. I'm more than happy to talk with you about any spiritual practice.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I am a teacher and a healer. I believe spiritual light can be communicated in many ways and one of those ways is through my words but also through my voice. I have taught Psychic Development classes in the past and I was very lucky to have the chance to. In the class was a reiki practitioner who confirmed to me that the healing instruction I had been given by my guide was inline with the official qualification. I really smiled when I heard that. My healing guide has been invaluable on this journey. Ask me and I can tell you which crystal suits you for the energetic task you and your guides are currently completing or - if you don't like crystals I can give you a colour to focus on during meditation. The best skill I have, that compliments my spiritual abilities to the highest effect, has to be my positivity. I will always find the diamond in the rough or silver lining in every cloud. I know very well that we are all loved by our ancestors, angels and spiritual guides so no matter what we're dealing with, we can find comfort in spiritual guidance.

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God Sent

I don't know how she does it but Raven has predicted things for me that have happened down to dates. Outstanding!!

Becky From On 15/06/2021


Raven what can I say ! First of all thank you your one of the most genuine readers you really care about your callers . We’ve spoken since November and everything this lady has said has come true unfortunately my readings have been surrounded by a lot of drama because of my situation but it’s nice to have accurate information given ! I can’t thank you enough ! Truly gifted beautiful soul ! X x x

Han From Midlands On 06/06/2021


A wonderfully clear reading, quick and concise but explained it well. Picked up on the situation. I look forward to to the prediction coming to pass!

Anon From Uk On 03/06/2021


Fabulous lady I love this woman so amazing , easy to talk to , really supportive and helpful - lots of positivity and reassurance amazing

Jacqui From Wirral On 29/05/2021


This lady was 100 percent accurate. Gobsmacked. Thank you

N From London On 17/05/2021

Awesome Insightful reader

I have had 4 readings now with Raven oven a 6 month period. She always picks up the relevant energies right from the beginning, has a lovely communication style, and is able to advise on spiritual developmental. She was also able to connect to my grandmother in spirit who provide much needed advice about my own energy levels and my twin flame connection. Raven is always honest, compassionate and a pleasure to talk to.

L From Shropshire On 17/05/2021


Raven surprised me when she picked up a very important fact about my POI which NO OTHER reader picked up on here. He had 2 other women(ex-gf and ex-wife) in his life but all the other psychics here told me he had either and ex gf OR and ex- wife. Raven picked up he had both of them. Which did make sense to me BIG TIME! Thank you Raven for being SO AMAZING! I can't wait to talk to you on phone again. Can't wait for your prediction to come to pass. Thanks again.

Anuradha From UK On 11/05/2021

Amazing and incredibly good

My minutes ran out before I could say thank you today. Your reading was so accurate. I found the water leak, it was what you said. I'd had so many repair and plumbers here to find it and they hadn't been able to. I found it ten minutes after coming off the call with you! A million thank you s . you are amazingly talented. Sending you many blessings.

Y From London On 08/05/2021

Pleasant and accurate reading

Thank you Raven for our reading this evening, it was refreshing to connect to a genuine talented reader. You were completely spot on with everything and I genuinely feel I was meant to talk to you tonight. I will look forward to my predictions coming to light. I could have talked all night. I’ll send you telepathic thank yous from my camper van

Andi From UK On 06/05/2021

Absolutely Amazing

I sincerely hope you get this review. Raven, you were absolutely spot on with everything she said, especially when delivering a very sensitive but positive message from someone special which not many readers pick up on. The whole message was completely on sync and absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much

Carrie From Kent On 02/05/2021

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