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I read tarot cards using intuition and clairvoyance to enhance you reading. I'm a gifted Angel card reader bring the light of the spiritual realms into every day situations. I believe when empowered by positive thought we can each create all that is desired in our lives. I am a natural healer and Reiki master and use crystal light to bring clarity to each situation. PIN: 1248



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Contact and meeting up

Shirley Ann is so easy to talk to and she told me she could not see contact today from my ex but tomorrow and meeting up during the week, when this does happen I will be back with 5 stars and let everyone know x

mich From Hertfordshire On 03/10/2021

Thank you

Thank you for talking to me again about my mother. You were very reassuring that I wasnt going mad. I appreciate your help. X

Mandy From Cheshire On 23/09/2021

Lovely Lady

Thankyou Shirley Ann Hazel

Hazel From Midlands On 23/09/2021


Such a wonderful lady, so kind and compassionate, I was slightly sceptical having spoken to other readers and receiving only vague answers. She was spot on with what she knew about me and my life, highly recommend, will absolutely be speaking to her again.

Rachel From York On 13/09/2021

No Predictions

Really nice lady to talk to, but after a few readings with Shirley Ann over a year's time, none of her predictions came pass. Just want other callers to know.

From On 09/09/2021

Lovely Lady

Excellent picked up on so much without being prompted!

Carol From London On 06/06/2021

Spot on

She picked up on everything she’s was right . I’ll come back when he returns for a reading . Lovely gifted lady

Marua From Australia On 03/06/2021

Highly Efficient

Shirley picked up a MAJOR truth about my POI which I was not aware of. After that many other psychics revealed that but Shirley is the first person who mentioned that to me. My sincere gratitude to her for picking this up. AMAZING!

Anuradha From UK On 28/05/2021


Sorry we got cut off at the end. Thank you so much for your reading. Really helped me as usual. Spot on advice, easy to talk to and talented. Enjoyed speaking to you very much. Xx

Mandy From Cheshire On 12/05/2021


But contradictory

From On 12/05/2021

Lovely soul

Thank you so much for such an accurate reading and kindness you showed towards me on my situation. You are an amazing soul, when I spoke to you I felt you were so connected to my pain and you gave me a very good advice and support. And you were non judgmental. Thank you so much. Xx

P From Uk On 27/03/2021

Always reassuring and predictions always correct

You were right, he did get in contact, we are working this out. Even though you reassured me x10000 on the phone. Thank you, will let you know about the other preductions Xx

Anxious las from aussie From On 17/03/2021

Thank you

Very accurate and genuine. Straight to the point and doesn’t take long to tell you what you need to know. Picks up straights away on all around your question. Sorry my credit cut out too. But I will be back. Thank you so much.

Mish From London On 28/02/2021

Sorry pin ran out but thank you Shirley Ann ...'re my neighbour and her trees! ... and every thing else voter time you have advised me about ..such a lovely sincere lady and very talented.!!xx

A..lady from From Spain On 14/02/2021

Lovely and accurate

Had a lovely reading from Shirley Ann today. Asked for a general reading and gave her no information at all. She tuned in immediately with a situation I’m facing and there was no waffle. She’s very talented. Very quietly spoken but that adds to her calming approach. Thanks Shirley Ann x

Sarah From UK On 17/01/2021

Excellent advice

Hi Shirley. Sorry I got cut off and thank you for reading the situation clearly. I'll take your advice and leave him to it. Maybe install one of those apps to stop me texting when under the influence of alcohol lol! Will keep you updated and thanks again! X

Jo From London On 10/01/2021

Thank You Shirley Ann, I enjoyed our chat and was very interesting to hear what you picked up on

Katrina From Ireland On 10/01/2021


Thank you for the wonderful reading regarding relationships. This lady is naturally gifted and is a genuine psychic and put me at ease

Sarb From Chatham On 09/01/2021

To the point

No faffing around.. Just to the point and quick over the phone. Gave me timeline which I haven’t got from many readers here. Lovely chatting with her. I'll reach out again. Xoxo

Anuradha From Ipswich On 03/01/2021


Shirley Ann is a brilliant, no nonsense psychic intuitive professional and provides so much clarity and understanding. Thank you Shirley for your time today.

Carol From Australia On 27/12/2020

Thank you

Shirley is kind, patient and loving reader. I love my reading from her. Thank you Shirley.

From On 13/12/2020

Clear Voice

Shirley wasn't the reader I choose and somehow was put through to her. Thanks for the accuracy on my dead ewe, yes she did cross over due to wasp bite. A nice lady.

Paige From Australia On 04/12/2020

Lovely reader - good connection

Thank you for a lovely reading today. Shirley Ann connected really well to all of my issues and answered all of my questions about future outcomes clearly and quickly. Definitely psychic.

Rachel From Aus On 20/11/2020

Thank you

I called Shirley Ann last month. She connected with me straightaway and gave me information about my love life, career and family. I was amazed because she was able to even tell me exactly what is my domain of expertise.I will call again. Thank you, Shirley.

Dr T. P. From Australia On 04/11/2020

Not much psychic info

Felt very general and kept needing prompting

From Kent On 09/10/2020

Great Insight

she's very accurate! she read into a situation and gave me really good advice, i followed what she said to see further into a situation and i would see more in perspective and she was right!!!!!!

srey From Boston On 08/10/2020


Thank you for helping me today. You are the best.

Sia From Australia On 13/09/2020

Lovely and calm

Sorry I got cut off.... thank you so much for your reading, as frustrated as I was, it still made sense. Thank you for being so patient with me.. This lady Shirley is worth every penny... she was very tuned into my situation xx

From On 13/09/2020

Amazing lady

I had my first reading with Shirley Ann tonight and I topped up my credit 3 times so I could continue my chats with her. She connected with me straightaway and was very understanding and compassionate. I felt so much better and more confident after speaking with her. Will wait and see if her predictions come true, but I will definitely come back to her. I tried a few others on here and I am definitely staying with her. Thank you Shirley.

Min From Sheffield On 12/09/2020

Good but also missed big details

Few good readings but realised she missed some big events new person Coming in and said it wasn't bad people around her but was a nightmare.

Ted From Wrexham On 11/09/2020


In only very few minutes that I had left, she answered everything for me, I’ve spoken to her a few times in the past and she’s very consistent, doesn’t judge and very easy to talk to, thank you.

From On 08/06/2020

Brilliant as Always

Thank you for another great reading today. You just always hit the nail on the head. xxx

Laura From On 03/06/2020


Sorry didn't get to thank you and say bye properly..Thank you so much for helping me See clearly how to stay strong and ignore the bully who was trying to get back into my life again .I won't be putting up with his self serving behaviour anymore .So good to talk with you .Thank you so much .xx

Sarah From England On 20/05/2020

Thank You So Much <3

Shirley Ann... is the best reader i've ever come across. She is kind, sensitive... and i've never known anyone more accurate, and to the point. God Bless you ma'am. Am forever indebted. <3 <3 <3 _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ xxx

AJ (Arjuna) From Manchester On 26/04/2020


Sorry got cut off you are awesome as always my fav female reader and accurate

Will From London On 24/04/2020

Very good one of the top

She has been accurate and said about contact in 2 days and she was right happy to have reading with her feel she has been the best female reader hope to see more of her on here- accurate and honest.

Will From London On 07/04/2020

Very spot on

Just had a very bad and inaccurate reading with a tarot reader and so glad to hear shirley anns first few lines. I knew she was the real deal. She got the gist of situation to a T. Just amazing. Very confident. Reassured me that this is headed in positive direction even though he isn't ready to label it yet. It is true that things are going well between us. Thank u. Sending u blessings love and light. Xx KT

From On 12/03/2020

o.k. reader

I found Shirley Ann to be very nice, but soft spoken and a bit hard to understand at times. Sometimes I felt I was prying the answers from her. She took time to answer questions, and maybe I did not connect, very little detail in her delivery. I am looking for a job...she claims by April I should be employed. I will be back if that happens. I expected more detailed information and not yes and no answers of limited information. In spite of the great reviews you got, I felt she was mediocre.

amielczarski From New York On 06/03/2020


Thank you so much for a amazing reading. You were honest and accurate with what you picked up. Really appreciate all you said and will wait for Sunny to come forward. Definitely 5 stars.

Pindi From London On 17/02/2020

Amazing and real reader

Thank you for an amazing reading that helped me remember where I am going. x

From Scotland On 11/02/2020

New romance new job

Thank you for the reading I read your reviews and thought I try you . Picked up lots of details on last romance and how he went back to x and will be in touch I let you know . Also new job in April something new I let you know what happens . And new romance to . Lots of details and looking forward to the future as things look better moving forward . Do try this lady full of details and timings thank you Just give her a ring thank you Fiona

Fiona From West Yorkshire On 01/02/2020

Gem of a Lady

Shirley Ann is my favorite reader. I was in a quagmire a few months ago. She swiftly & effectively settled the whole thing, in minutes. I have no doubt in her abilities. She's the most gifted psychic, I've ever had the good fortune, to come across. God Bless you ma'am, and keep you. I really look forward to my next reading. The situation will have to be worthy though, of your considerable powers. We only spoke twice, but I have the highest regard, for you. _/\_ <3

AJ From Manchester On 29/01/2020

Admired her honesty

Admitted she wasn't connecting as well as she could very early on and suggested we end the call. So at least she was honest and left me with as many mins as possible to try a different reader. Which is more than could be said about a lot of the 'psychics' on here when they're not connecting.

Ian From Yorkshire On 08/01/2020

Lovely Reading

Thank you for a genuine reading. Was a nice reading really appreciate it

Clarence Castor From Chatswood On 03/01/2020


Absolutely amazing reader I would say she is the best on here. Thank you so much Shirley Ann

Julia From Berkshire On 19/11/2019


Phone hung up abruptly but very good tune into the situation. Advice is to just relax detach and create space between me and him. He will eventually come round and stop being defensive as connection is great. Also said he will see me again. Lets just be patient. We will be together. No time frames given but we will wait and see. Thanks

Anon From Aus On 08/11/2019

Very good

I thoroughly enjoyed my reading Shirley Ann, she was spot and lovely to talk to. Also a good sense of humour

Carrie From Kent On 04/11/2019

Detailed reading

Shirley Anne always gives detailed, informative readings. She comes across as very kind and caring. I really enjoyed the reading she gave me. Thank you. X

A From Brum On 01/11/2019

I'm a very short time I was given great advice and she knew things she couldn't of .. lovely soft spoken lady and I would definitely recommend for a reading .

Jayne From Staffordshire On 09/10/2019

Absolutely Wonderful

I love this women she is sweet caring and absolute joy. i always feel happy talking to her. Even seeing her pretty face makes me smile keep up the good work

sheila From london On 09/10/2019

Spot on

Didn’t ask for anything specific just a general reading and she picked up on my relationship situation straight away! Thank you so much

A From London On 07/10/2019

One reader to another I love talking to Shirley Ann she is such a lovely gifted person. Thank you so much it was lovely talking to you. Big hugs xxxx

From Scotland On 24/09/2019


Shirley Ann quickly picks up on things and grasps the situation without asking questions. She also seems very confident in what she picks up and this confirmed what I felt and have experienced. Time will tell but I think Shirley Ann seems to be the real deal, and is also a no nonsense but lovely lady. Thank you. L xx

Lulu From London On 24/09/2019

10 stars if I could

Shirley Ann is an amazing reader. There are not many readers pick up you are a reader yourself, she did. She gave me re-assurance of the path I am on and it was just good to also speak to someone who works on a higher vibration, that gets me. Thank you very much and I will let you know the outcome. x

From u.k. On 24/09/2019

Blown Away

i love this women 10 stars all the way x x x

sheila From london On 22/09/2019

Gosh amazing

Picked my situation from start without me even saying my name. Thank you

From On 10/09/2019

Absolutely incredible!!!!! Accurate to the tee, amazingly shocking really!!! Thank you so much Shirley Amida xx

From On 05/08/2019

Prediction Came True

Your prediction has unfolded there are other psychics on this line who told me that I won't get my pension rebate until the end of the month and they were wrong and you were right with the timing it actually arrived today and I'm so happy it has arrived just in time I'm thank you so much bye bye I love you so much

sheila From Watford On 31/07/2019


Every time I’ve spoken to her. She is consistent, kind and supportive. She’s an amazing person.

Anon From Uk On 29/07/2019

Feeling grateful

I have only spoken to you twice in a week.. you said something last week.. which was true and this morning I was up all night just to speak to you and finally I got my luck. Thankyou so much .. I was shaking when I called but you gave me hopes and can’t wait for all your predictions to come true Thank you.. we will speak soon

Hana From On 29/07/2019

Spot on

Shirley Ann is the real deal. She’s very easy to connect with and she is very accurate on personalities in my life - she’s very specific on their characters and there’s no way that could just be guess work. I’ll be in touch again xx

A From UK On 28/07/2019

Genuine Reader

The reader is a real deal, genuine and absolutely accurate. Picked up all details and gave very realistic predictions which i have not doubt will come through.

O From London On 28/05/2019


Got cut off so never got to say thanks for a brilliant reading. Would recommend Shirley Ann and would return. xxx

From scotland On 26/05/2019

She is very kind. Feel she no s what do.

From Australia On 01/05/2019

Straight forward.

I just had a reading with her and she is doesn't beat around the bush, she's very straight forward and clear. She answers every question and she picked up on things that no one would've known unless they were truly psychic or intuitive. She's definitely a legit psychic, I felt the connection with her, nothing was phony or fake about her energy. I definitely would recommend her especially if you're looking for a reading in the areas of relationships or marriage. She's a good one.

From On 05/04/2019

Thank you

Had a reading recently with Shirley Ann and found her to be sympathetic and kind. She accurately understand my state of mind, and whilst I would have liked a little more detail, the reading was encouraging and uplifting. I hope her anticipation of a positive year comes to pass. Lovely lady to talk to.

From North West England On 27/03/2019


Kind, sensible and sensitive. And then also very psychic and accurate. I could not praise Shirley Ann enough for the amount of help she gives in such a short time. God Bless

R From Australia On 01/03/2019

Straight to the point

Loved the reading, no slow explanation of the cards, just the info as it directly relates to the situation. Much appreciated. Thank you

Libran From Aus On 21/02/2019

Oh My, Oh My,

Lovely reading from Shirley Ann, Stop on with your reading. I asked for a general reading, My career was in questions you certainly got that right, it is like you knew what I was thinking, then out of the blue you asked about my relationship. I am touched that you pick up on him by asking for his name. Without going into details you are absolutey 110% correct.!! He is worth the wait. Thank you so much for your insight. xx. D

D From Essex On 03/02/2019

Outstanding reader

Shirley Anne is a compassionate and loving reader however she is straight to the point and has incredible insight.Her predictions has come to fruition. Thankyou and blessings to Shirley Anne!

Gerrie From Australia On 03/02/2019


Thanks so much Shirley Ann. You're the best! So easy to talk to, great connection and helpful insights on how to view life events. I can't recommend her highly enough! Ange, Australia

From On 02/02/2019

Genuine, caring and well connected

Straight to the point - enlightening and accurate. Love the reading thank you. I shall be patient til end Feb March. Much appreciated.

Libran From o/s On 02/02/2019

Very good

Love her. Highly recommend

From On 01/02/2019

Great Ready

Kind and compassionate, well spot on. No time wasting like others, straight to the point and able to give advice. It’s got me thinking about the person in question and I will pursue the relationship without second thought. Reading was spot on.

Nonman From London On 27/01/2019

quick straight to the point

Thank you for no time wasting. Picked up my situation straight away, gave great advice, on both love and business. Appreciated will call again and looking forward to it all coming through and unfolding. X

Kathleen From Perth Australia On 20/01/2019

Good Reading!

Quick and straight to the point! Predicated a few things so hopefully they'll come to pass. She tuned into my situation very well, and gave abit of advice. Nice lady!

Liz From Scotland On 18/01/2019

Love Her

Just wanted to say. Your sweet and thank you for being here. your the best. All of your Predictions unfolded.

Heather From USA On 14/01/2019

One of the few genuine psychics as picked up on the truth about the people involved straightaway.including that the second one's energy is different and there's a relationship potential.

From On 05/01/2019

Very succint and to the point. Thank you for your reading shirley Ann.

From Perth WA On 04/01/2019

Thank you Shirley Ann

My go to reader for a no nonsense clear cut reading that gives exceptional clarity of each situation and an accurate description of how each situation will progress into the future. Shirley Ann's accuracy is spot on and all her predictions come true for all the reading that she has given me. I absolutely trust her now to give thoughtful and accurate insight into any of the aspects of my life.

Rachel From Australia On 16/12/2018


Shirley was spot on and helped me spent the time listening and guiding me

alan From London On 27/11/2018


I just had a fantastic reading from this very caring and sweet lady. She had compassion and plenty of insight into my situation. Thank you

Tania From Bedfordshire On 23/11/2018

great reader

very satisfied with my reading, always precise and do no waste time.

guylene From On 12/10/2018

Amazing psychic beautiful soul

Thank you so much for the spot on accurate reading and being so genuine and gifted. You helped me so much and I’m grateful. 100% satisfied

Susan From Australia On 12/10/2018


Hi Shirley. Sorry I had limited minutes to chat to you today and the line got cut off. One your prediction happened within four days which is unbelievable. I'm expecting your other ones unfold as soon as. I love your readings, straight to the point and non-judgemental. Stay blessed Xxx M

Mz From London On 26/09/2018


Lovely lady ,put me at ease really felt l could open up to her ...shirley Ann didn't quizz me l have her my name and one other ,She was spot on we. Had that connection totally blew me away . Thanks again for your help Shirley Ann ..kind regards Jacqueline

Jacqueline From Hertfordshire On 05/09/2018

Very good reading

My phone kept cutting out but she was extremely patient and to the point. An excellent reader because she answered my questions but also answered questions i had in my mind that she could not have known, she's worth the time, thank you Shirley

From On 18/07/2018


Always the same does not make it up and says it as it is

From On 06/07/2018


Brilliant connection felt like she really connection...really lovely woman who has a great gift..

Jackie baillie From Manchester UK On 19/05/2018


Shes very sweet. Well mannered. Give her time she is spot on. Really makes you forget all your problems.

Rosalina From London On 04/05/2018

Awesome !

Really on point and very lovely to talk to

Hollie From Bristol On 03/04/2018

Excellent as always

Second review.....Shirley Ann is as connected as ever. She doesn't repeat herself, just gets straight to the point in an empathic way. Again, highly recommended. Thank you

Sonya From Witney On 26/03/2018


amazing instant connection. i cannot wait for your prediction to come true. so reassuring, kind, calming and accurate. you are the real deal! thank you :)

From On 12/03/2018

Lovely lady

I really like her shes nice calm and will answer every single question you have. She doesnt go on n on like the others on this line. This one lets you breathe so you get your moneys worth.

From On 11/03/2018

Took the words out of my mouth

Had a 40 min reading and could've talked all day if only I had more funds... She instantly knew I was calling about a break up. Read both our energies so well and validated what I already knew but was too afraid to admit it. Thanks for being such a quick, accurate and friendly reader. Will call again soon with an update. xxxx

JC From London On 05/03/2018


Lovely reading what she predicted about job offers came true. Lets hope the rest does too

From On 28/02/2018

1st prediction has happened.

I called Shirley Ann in November 2017 and she made 3 predictions for me: 1st) reconnecting with someone before Christmas which happened precisely on 22/12✅, 2nd & 3rd to happen by April 2018. Fingers crossed they will also come true. Anyway what's meant to be is meant to be. Good luck all with your predictions. Shirley Ann thanks and keep up the good work.

A From London On 17/02/2018

Prediction didn’t unfold

Prediction didn’t unfold. She’s a lovely lady and very friendly.

From On 30/01/2018


I have had a number of readings with Shirley Ann over the past 12 months. Although there have been some inconsistencies there are a number of areas in which she has been very consistent. No major predictions have come to fruition as of yet, which I do understand timing is a difficult one, however, more recently a prediction given was incorrect. I genuinely like Shirley Ann and am just wondering if others have found her predictions to be accurate. I would really appreciate any feedback.

Anonymous From Feeling unsure On 26/01/2018

V good

Keep choosing this lady because of her name but consistent and lovely

Shirley anne From .mmm On 08/01/2018

Shirley ann

Enjoyed my reading today. First time with Shirley and I wasn’t disappointed. She saw situation very clearly without asking for much information and I was pleasantly surprised. I would definitely talk to her again.

Yracie From On 13/12/2017

An excellent reader.

I’ve used this line many times. I have had several readings with Shirley Ann. She is consistently accurate, picking up on my situation and the other person in great detail. She is calm, compassionate and thoughtful.Highly recommended. Many thanks.

Sonya From Oxon On 28/11/2017

Mt Favorite Reader

Shirley Ann is so kind and caring as well as a brilliant psychic. Her insight is clear and accurate. She has the ability to clearly explain what she sees so you can understand what is going on around you. She is an amazing reader.

Rachel From Australia On 21/10/2017


Always lovely and honest. Everything you said resonated with me just hate the waiting.

Shirley anne From ..... On 08/10/2017

my reading with shirley ann

well what can i say about shirley ann she is just fantastic she has a tendency to know all about me and my life. thank you for a very good reading Astrial london 28/9/2017

Astrail From london On 28/09/2017

Superb !

My minutes ran out just when I was enjoying a conversation that was enlightening. This lady is a real reader and knows her stuff. So refreshing to talk to someone who knows about past lives and the REAL Twin Flame Journey. I will come back for another read soon. Thanks Shirley Ann. xxx

From On 07/09/2017

spot on

Tuned in straight away. Ask no questions. Gave me instant answers and didn't keep me on the phone. Excellent will call again xx

Sandra From Cheshire On 03/09/2017

Compassionate reader, straight forward and to the point

Every time Shirley has given me a reading ive found them to be very detailed, insightful and i actually feels that she cares at the same time she gives me honesty as well as being direct with the answers.

Maddison From Swinton On 21/08/2017

Angel on Earth

I just cant described how u were spot on my situation . U read me like a book and yet very confident . What u said was all true . Hopefulllly the prediction come true !!

Ange From UK On 21/08/2017

Spot on! Amazing Reader

I would recommend Shirley Ann to anyone! She is a fab reader and amazingly accurate! Very caring and empathetic in dealing with her clients. She's definitely a special reader if you want someone straight to the point and quick to tune into your situation. Thank you so much for my reading! Wishing you every blessings and gratitute for your special gift!

Sandra From Western Isles On 21/08/2017

Good and genuine reader

Shirley,sorry we go cut off! You are a good reader. Straight to the point, crystal clear validations.

Geraldine From London On 20/08/2017


Shirley Ann is a very good reader with good accuracy and she also is a lovey caring person who genuinely wants the best for her clients. I highly recommend her especially if you need a confidence boost.

R.K. From Australia On 18/08/2017


Thank you so much Shirley! I will definitely be calling you again! - from 09.08.2017 at 9:00pm British Time

From On 09/08/2017


Shirley Anne is very quick and doesn't waste your time. She is very accurate and precise. She is caring and calm.Whatever she has predicted has been 100% accurate. Thank you and god bless you

Zita From London On 20/06/2017


Thank you so much for such accurate and helpful information to allow me to navigate a difficult stage of my life. God Bless You Always Shirley Ann!!

Rachel From Australia On 15/06/2017

Sorry not for me

Just did not connect. Guessed wrong three times and was wrong. Sorry.

Alistair From Cardiff On 14/06/2017

Spot on

Really seems to be spot on will let u know when predictions hopefully come to pass

Ss From Uk On 21/05/2017

Absolutely amazing

Thank you shirley ann you connected immediately with all the information you didnt question kind gentle and accurate God Bless you you are sent by the angels xxx

Wendy From Northern ireland On 12/04/2017

Gentle accurate and loving reading

Thank you so much for your kind and gentle words of guidance.You are a very lovely and sensitive person who connected very well giving me feelings of peace and positivity about my situation.Accurate and loving.Truly a pleasure to speak to .Bless you xxx

Sarah From Bedfordshire On 05/04/2017


I enjoyed my reading with Shirley Ann, she got straight to the point. She did not waste any of my time, she didn't ask any questions and did not try to keep me on the phone long with giving advice... Advice is good but some psychics when they can't read begin counseling you.I don't need counseling just state the facts and Shirley Ann did. I will definitely be calling her back again!

T. From GA On 04/04/2017

Fabulous reader

Absolutely spot on!! Really enjoyed talking with Shirley Ann.. Thank you.

S From UK On 04/04/2017

Highly Recommend.

Just had my reading with you 14/3/17 @ 12:58. We sadly ran out of time but I just want to say thank you for guiding me as I was feeling very down tonight and you have given me hope with where I need to go next. Lynn. :-)

From On 14/03/2017

Lovely lady

Shirley Anne is kind and gentle. She gives readings that give you hope for the future in a realistic way. She also doesn't keep you on the phone which I appreciate

A From London On 12/03/2017


Lovely reading and a lovely kind angel x

B From UK On 08/03/2017

Thank u for the chat. I think u r very accurate but very sad about what you said about the ex as i still cannot let go. Part of me knows ur more than likely right. Also like that you do not impose on me the idea that the right one is of a certain make of person and agreed that there r certain things about the other person that i can see just won't quite fit in future and they are big but seem small. Things might change... im very pleased though that you said there are more out there for me. TQ and blessings to u xx

From On 06/03/2017

Excellent reader

I have just had an excellent reading with with this kind and gifted lady. She homes in on the issues straightaway, and gives clear and insightful guidance. Thank you so much - I will definitely be calling again!

Nick From Southampton On 20/02/2017


This beautiful lady opened my mind to so many possibilities. Truly insightful abilities and read me like a book. I am blown away! Shirley Anne is now my go to advisor as I implement the next part of my journey. Truly impressive! xox

Ronnie From Berkshire On 15/01/2017

Spot on

Shirley Ann was spot on. Amazed at how accurate she is and how she picked up on what is going on in my life without questions . No time wasting with this lady, and she confirms things with complete confidence. Stunned

S From South east On 29/12/2016


I have literally just had a call with Shirley Ann. She was amazing. I had a burning question and she reassured with me a very positive answer. Have put her pin number in a safe place and will definitely come back and let her know when it all happens which she tells me will be very soon. Might take a while to sort things out but I will be back shortly, fingers crossed! Thanks for a wonderful reading. Feeling much more positive, Maria

Maria From Southend On 06/11/2016

Shirley Ann was very understanding and easy to talk to, giving great advice.

Jenny From London On 23/10/2016


Thanks you connected straight away and honesty was certainly evident as was insight and you answered my questions. Thanks it helped make me feel better. Lovely lady to speak with calm and reassuring..

From Australia On 17/10/2016

Thank you

Shirley Ann is amazing, her insight and advice was amazing

Claire From Scotland On 11/10/2016


Thanks for another great reading with lots of detail and guidance. There are so many things I would like to talk to you about but there never seems to be enough time. Always a pleasure to speak with you, Karen

Karen From On 20/09/2016

Spookily accurate

Spot on and excellent advice :-)

Phil From Wiltshire On 04/09/2016


I'm so sorry we got cut off. Thank you for an amazing reading. You always give me your very best. I appreciate your hard work and your kindness. Many of your predictions have come to pass and I'll be in touch soon to let you know how things turn out. God bless you. Xxxxxxxxx

Katianna From Texas (TX) On 19/08/2016

Thank you lots n lots

Thanks for putting my mind at rest. Nice to know things are still on track and things are going to work out for me. You're the type of lady you could sit and share a pot of tea with. Genuine, kind, caring and sincere in your readings. Thank you again ....... x

Carl From On 09/08/2016


I have often seen this readers name as her first name stands out for me yet I never requested a reading from her, today I was randomly connected three to Shirley Ann and I just say I regret not picking her out sooner, she picked up on my situation straight away with out any questions or answers. She just went straight in to what she had to say and gave me some amazing insight as to what I can expect to happen in the future. Shirley Ann is defiantly worth the money ***5 STARS***

EgyptianPrincess From Adelaide, Australia. On 08/08/2016


I had a reading with Shirley late last night, she will considerate, kind and accurate! She told about situations that nobody could know about! She was very accurate in picking up about somebody I am interested in and she was spot on about my ex. She also finished the reading by giving me a lot of clarity. Thank you A. From London Ps I normally never give reviews but this reading was amazing

A From London On 02/08/2016

Incredible Lady!

Shirley Ann is clear and concise and super accurate! On top of that, she speaks with intent. Truly one of the best readers I've ever had - Thanks a million! R xxx

From On 05/07/2016

Reading with Shirley Anne

Very gentle and understanding lady. Always helped me through difficult relationships and offered good advice and insight. Very accurately picks up on the situation. Lovely lady and will continue to consult with over any future issues. Highly recommend.

Jon From Leeds On 23/05/2016

Sent by my guides

Shirley Ann is one gifted woman. She was able to connect with me immediately and gave me practical solutions to a very challenging point in my life. There are many endings around me and this is vital in order for me to move on. I am thankful for Shirley's guidance and the fact that she has survived from a similar situation. I needed to speak to someone just like Shirley and I'm glad that my guides led me to her. Absolute magic xxx

Helen From England On 15/05/2016


You can't go wrong with Shirley Ann. Perfect example of a true humanitarian and Spiritual Advisor. 1000% is what you can expect from her!!!

Katianna From USA On 15/05/2016

Thank you for a wonderful reading. I'm sorry we just got cut off. I really appreciate all your help. Xx

Mandy From Cheshire On 11/05/2016

5 stars

I agree with all comments amazing homed in straight away gave me the answers put me at ease amazing reader true gift thank u thank u thank u love light

Lucky From Reading On 03/05/2016


Thank you for giving me your best





Thank you 02/04/2016

Shirley was really lovely. I wanted a bit of clarity that my life was going in the right direction. She advised me on different techniques to use in my life too which I know will help a lot. At the end of the reading, she mentioned 2 aspects of my life that are very important to me - it blew me away! I'll call again soon. :D xxx

LauratheCatLady From Glasgow On 02/04/2016

excellent reading today

today was the first time i ever had a reading with this lad so she couldnt have known anything about me and she gave me the most detailed reading and gave me answers and guidance about my life, told me things that wouldve been impossible for her to know - excellent reading

stevie From cardiff On 23/03/2016

1 March 16

I have had a couple of readings with Shirley Ann. They are always enjoyable and full of detail. She is very easy to talk to and picks up on situations very quickly. She is very down to earth, kind and interesting and I never feel she is trying to rush the reading through. I can't understand how she is ever available! Thanks again Shirley Ann, I look forward to talking to you again soon, Karen

Karen From On 06/03/2016

Phenomanal reader

Shirley Ann is able to tune in to your situation very quickly and accurately. First class reader. Please do call her as she is the real deal xxxxxxx

Sharon From Ireland On 22/02/2016

Amazing Accuracy

Shirley Anne almost left me speechless- just asked what my friends name was, no further questions, she read him and the situation instantly like she was reading a book- understood the problems I've been having and the complexities around the situation with the two of us, I literally had to tell this lady nothing. Her advice & guidance was so balanced, grounded, calm and sensible, am glad I spoke with her tonight, crystal clear clarity & insight and a lovely kind lady to chat to as well. Thank you so much x

Vincent From Ireland On 06/12/2015

Wonderful Reading

Shirley Ann is an amazing reader. She was insightful, clear and accurate and so kind. She helped me trust my own intuition. Thank you. I'll call again x

Ires From Melbourne On 14/11/2015

Thank you

Thank you for a beautiful reading Shirley Ann! Very peaceful, beautiful and lovely reading, Girl33, Australia

Girl33 From Australia On 13/11/2015

Best of the best

Shirley Ann is a first class reader, she tunes in very quickly and confidently and gives brilliant guidance which helped me see things from all perspectives. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift with us all!

Lisa From Sheffield On 10/11/2015

29th Aug 2015

shirley puts you at your ease straight away , it doesn't take her long to tune into you, I was amazed by her accurate account of my current situation. I will definitely speak to her again & would recommend her.

Golly From On 30/11/-0001

amazing in depth reading August 12th 2015

Shirley Ann is a very nice.. amazing reader..i would say for me the best on trusted psychics ive tried..she is understanding and was spot on with my love situation...her reading was in depth and really made sense..i will definitely be coming back for another reading...i highly recommend Shirley Ann..Thank you so much x

vicky From london On 30/11/-0001

5th August 15

Thank you Shirley for a great reading. The level of detail you provided is truly astounding. Sorry for keeping you for so long, I was truly fascinated by the reading. You're a very gifted reader, would highly recommend.

Karen From On 30/11/-0001

Reading August 2015

Had a few readings from Shirley Ann n wud recommend any one ring in n talkin to her . It's like talkin to a close friend . Has given me clarity on situations that are goin off. And we chat about anything n everything as well , lovely lady worth the call . Will keep u updated bout a certain stubborn someone ! Thank u

Carol From Notts On 30/11/-0001

Would Call Again

Great service and cheap to but the readers are so friendly and caring i have a real bond with several of the readers and Shirley is one of my favourites. Shirley is my all time best reader who I recommend to anyone who feels a bit lonely and lost in life she has been tremendous in helping me find my way through things. Thank you Shirley you definitely understood my problems and made me look at things in a different way.

Mrs Teresa Metcalf From Port Talbot South Wales On 30/11/-0001


Very uplifting reading with regards to me and my son.

clare From Liverpool On 30/11/-0001

Superb Psychic Reader

All I can say is 'Thank You'. You helped me turn my life around. I was simply heading nowhere in a loveless relationship, being taken for granted at every turn. For years I had endured what my life had become. You gave me the strength to say 'enough is enough' and helped me see clearly that I mattered and what I needed mattered. All my friends thought I was mad to leave my partner with nothing, and as a plus size lady, they said I should be grateful for what I had. What did I have? I had no self confidence, no self esteem and no get up and go. You made me see I had to grab life with both hands. So to cut a long miserable story short, thank you for making me believe in myself, thank you for giving my inner confidence back AND thank you for giving me the strength at getting a second chance.

Miss Elizabeth P. From Cheshire On 30/11/-0001

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