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I am part gypsy and come from a long linage of Mediums from south-western Europe. When I was very young my maternal Grandmother, a professional reader, taught me all she knew about tarot reading because she realized that I was born with a special gift. My intuition and spiritual guide have always been with me, and together we can contextualize your past and predict your future, and how you can make that future better. PIN: 1213



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Great and honest reading

I have had a few readings from others where I have felt they are telling me what I want to hear. Alexandre told me what I needed to hear in a very positive way. He told me I need to be careful of certain people but there was a chance for my situation to come out positively. It was a great reading and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone with a worry on their mind. He also has a very calming voice, which is nice ☺️

Helen From England, living in Portugal On 21/02/2021


As review of A November 2020 took a long time asking for several numbers. When I chose to stop he was not happy. I have entered this once before and not posted!! There should be explanation if method more extensive.

D From Midlands On 21/02/2021


He does pick up to an extent.. does some weird card method that I haven't got time for, I find him extremely abrupt and rude.. there was a time we were mid reading and come 10 o clock he asked me to call back when he was next on???? I questioned why and he just kept brushing it aside.. clearly wanted to just get off the phone.... totally unprofessional

From On 13/02/2021


Hung up on me for no reason will be reporting to trusted Psychics

Karen From West Yorkshire On 06/02/2021


Omg how rude was he, I'm paying for a reading and I told him I dont want to know about my past, I have lived in my pass so I'm well aware what happed... for him to shout at me and I must not interrupt him while he was readying, tell me how rude I am.. omg really it's my money I'm spending. And he has the audacity to say I'm rude, so I showed him how rude I was and hanged up on him. Dont waste your money.

Maureen From London On 31/01/2021

Another great reading

Alexandre was very good again. Knew why I was calling and situation around me. He's never been wrong before. Thanks for honesty will be in touch and let you know how it all pans out. And I will get a new phone soon too

Lara From Scotland On 16/01/2021

Professional Gifted and Accurate

Today was the first time trying to have a reading with this lovely guy. I’m so happy I did it! He started of doing what he called a “connection spread” with the cards and picked up on areas of my past which let me tell you, so far there was no one as spot on as him, then he automatically knew the reason for what I was calling and told me the overall of the situation I’m going trough. Later he felt so connected with me that he did another spread of me asking questions and he answered them in a very accurate way plus the information he picked up on was so spot on!!! I’m still a bit perplexed on how good my reading was. I have a lot of respect for your gifts Alexandre, no wonder why so many people recommend you! I’m sure I’ve heard your voice somewhere else and I’m so happy you take your time to come on this service to bless us with your amazing wisdom and gift, worth every penny and more! 5 stars is not enough! Thank you

Phillip From Australia On 19/12/2020


Keep asking questions instead of what card say very manupilating

Nana From Birmingham On 06/12/2020

numerology reading

Felt more of a numerology reading, quite confused about wanting a lot of information.

fern From Scotland On 29/11/2020

Please read x revised

Hit the nail on the head with several things. He then said a couple of things about my past that I couldn't relate to so I asked for clarification. He got offended straight away when I said it wasn't making sense. I stuck with him mistakenly hoping we would find a flow again. He went on to ask me to slowly say numbers between 1 & 22. I gave a couple of numbers (waiting a good period of time between each one as he was pulling one card at a time). I kindly asked him how many numbers he would be asking me to say as I didn't too many minutes for the call. He then abruptly told me that I was indeed wasting my own time, and demanded that I keep giving him numbers-without answering my simple question. Taken back, I still continued saying numbers despite feeling rattled at this point. He stopped at 3 cards & then started telling me that his flow had been interrupted because of my negative energy and because of my question. ? Was it not a reasonable question? I'm shocked by this disturbing arrogance and judgementalness from some readers. Kindness and humility go a very long way. Especially in these times when so many people are facing some terrible things and are reaching out to services like this for help. Please take this review seriously and publish for fairness..

A From On 22/11/2020

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