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My spiritual abilities include dream interpretations and angel card reading. I am in constant contact with my Guardian Angel who gives me spot on readings for people who are seeking answers to their questions. My promise to you is to give immediate and insightful interpretations and readings. I am available to offer you a professional reading today. PIN: 1041



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She’s ok however I find her accent very strong and hard to understand and it doesn’t help when she speaks fast I could barely understand her so I hope what I heard is what I thought lol

From On 04/02/2021

I've had a number of readings over the years with Anne and I'm sorry to say that none of her predictions have come to pass. Gave so much hope at the time. Disappointing

From On 25/01/2021


amazing person..... fantastic reader. Love you heaps Anne

Jackie From SA On 08/01/2021


Just had a reading with Anne. She predicted a man returning in my life and it didn’t happen however another reading with her she predicted the same thing again. My point is she is a reader but she can’t control the energy around us so its not her prediction that is off its our life energy obstacles !!! If its in our destiny she will see it no matter how long it takes. She’s gifted

Julia From London On 07/01/2021

Thankyou Anne beautiful soul with a big heart. ❤️

From Australia On 16/12/2020

My go to

9-10 predictions always always resonates down to the day she predicts ! For everyone who hasn’t had this experience I promise you it will be other reasons. I rang one time and before I opened my mouth she told me about an argument between me and mother which had hurt me quite badly she was bang on and I hadn’t even mentioned anything to her . I know 100% this woman is gifted she has proven herself Over and over again with me and her predictions unfolding ! Thank you so much Anne you are an angel x

Hannah From On 15/12/2020

One Year Review

It’s been one year and nothing she said came to fruition. Her reading was also sugar coated. Few things in the reading resonated with me however it’s also plausible that she has done many reading and can whip a story, which will resonate with some, especially with regards to love.

Eve From On 13/11/2020

Amazing reading!

Thank you Anne for your insight & accuracy into my situation. I am sorry that I had to stop the reading due to a phone call I had to answer so I will phone for an update when you are free! Blessings to you x

Sarah From On 09/11/2020

So gifted

Thank you so much Anne . Omg your ability is amazing how you see things so clearly, you given so many validations that I know is accurate. I will always come back I absolutely love this lady. Thank you big hugs Nadia xxxxx

Nadia From On 04/11/2020


This wonderful woman would never ever give false hope ! I’ve had many readings and her predictions have come to pass ! Thank you for always being kind with the best intentions and truthful ! X

H From On 03/11/2020

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